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What to Expect from a Private Sail Trip in San Diego?


Are you a resident or tourist of San Diego looking for an awesome way to spend time outdoors? Here are 5 reasons to consider booking a private sail trip ASAP!


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Are you thinking about going on a sail trip in sunny San Diego?

If you are, that’s a great idea, and it’s not one you’re going to regret! In fact, plenty of people love to come back for a second or third go around after their first trip.

But plenty of people also want to know what they’re going to see on their trip. If you’re like those people, you’re in the right place. This article is going to tell you everything you need to know.

Read on to learn more!

1. Great Views

From the water, the city of San Diego looks gorgeous. It really makes a viewer appreciate their hometown. And if you’re a tourist, it may keep you from ever leaving!

And if you’re trying to get away from the city, you’re in luck too! Looking out on the water for miles and miles is a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

The views are also good for your stress levels. Letting you breathe, a day out on the water will give you a chance to really relax for a while. 

2. Team Building

Going out on the water with your friends and family is a great way to have fun time. But have you thought about going with your co-workers?

Believe it or not, a private sailing tour can be a great team building exercise. From racing to sailing alone, it will bring your team closer.

Do you just want to feel like a better team with your family? Then there’s no reason not to take advantage of this too! Friendly competition is always an exciting way to help your family feel stronger.

3. Helpful Crew Members

A big worry people have is that they will get on the water and not know what to do. But if you book with the right people, you won’t have to worry about this.

The right private tour will have a helpful crew that will guide you through the process and back to shore. They’ll give you the space to have fun but also give you help when you want it.

4. A Good Time

No matter what your poison is, a private sail trip in San Diego is going to be fun for you and your loved ones. It will be an adventure that you won’t be soon to forget.

Remember to relax and let yourself enjoy the trip. It’s not every day that you’re on a private boat! Take advantage of it.

So, no matter what, you can expect to have a good time. You and the other people on the boat will talk about it for years to come. 

Ready to Go on Your Sail Trip?

Now that you’ve read this article, you should know if you’re ready to go on your private sail trip in San Diego. Remember not to worry too much about the details and just have a great time!

Check out our availability to see if you can book with us. Happy sailing!

Had a great sail on 8/4. The crew was knowledgeable and friendly. Loved the ability to see San Diego from the bay on a racing yacht. My kids also enjoyed being able to sail and grind. I highly recommend this experience!


Thanks for our comments and it was a pleasure having your family aboard Stars & Stripes.

Took my girlfriend onto the Stars and Stripes as we were looking for fun things to do in San Diego, and we had the most enjoyable time and got to take part of crew duties. The most surprising thing about the sailing tour we took was how fast the Stars N Stripes America’s Cup boat went. We got up to 14 knots and could not believe what a rush it was. We also, got to drive the sailboat while the others were working the winches and tightening the lines. We highly recommend you take a tripe on the Stars N Stripes USA 11 the next time you are in San Diego!


Thanks so much for the positive review. We are finding that a lot of the local residents have discovered us! They too were looking for fun things to do in San Diego and have said they not only enjoyed the tour of San Diego by sailboat, but were amazed that we go twice as fast what a regular sailboat can do. Glad you and your girlfriend had a great time!
Lynn Hanna

What a fantastic outing !!! Its a true sailing experience, and holy smokes does this thing take off in a few knots of… More


We appreciate your comments and look forward to having you back on board Stars & Stripes soon.

The user didn’t write a review, and has left just a rating.


Thanks for rating your experience aboard Stars & Stripes with five stars.

Incredible day sure to be long remembered. The entire staff was fantastic – energetic, engaged, helpful. They seemed to have as much fun as the guest. If you are considering a sailboat tour of any nature, do yourself a favor and consider this one first!


Thanks for your comments and it was a pleasure having fellow Texans on board.

Had a great experience – crew was awesome – sailing was amazing and it was fun to drive and work the boat and sails – the scenery was terrific- it was very safe and I’d highly recommend to anyone visiting San Diego A great way to see the bay and all the sights while being actively engaged in the sailing


Thanks for the thorough review and we’re happy to hear you enjoyed our America’s Cup experience.

If you’re a sailor, a fan of the America’s Cup, or just like boat rides then this trip is for you. The historic 1992… More


Thanks for your comprehensive review of our America’s Cup experience.

This was an awesome few hours on the water in San Diego. From start to finish a great experience. The booking process was simple and efficient. We sailed the inner bay for tacking and jibing practice and from these exercises it was clear that we were in the hands of experts who, in a very low key way, integrated safety with an amazing sailing experience. From the bay we were able to head out for a little open water sailing…just enough to shake out the cobwebs and show the power of Stars & Stripes. Everyone got to “drive” and grind the winches and the crew encouraged and welcomed participation from all on board. Thanks Captain Glen and Crew for the opportunity to sail on board Stars & Stripes!


Thanks for your thorough review of our America’s Cup experience.

The user didn’t write a review, and has left just a rating.

What could be better than a day on the water? How about sailing on an America’s Cup Yacht! Everyone was given the opportunity to try the different positions; from raising the sails to helmsman! It was an absolutely fabulous experience meeting people from around the world on this incredible racing machine.


Thanks for your comprehensive review of our America’s Cup experience.

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