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Reviewed September 1, 2009

We had a chance to have a “mini reunion” on the America’s Cup Sailboat. The crew was knowledgeable, energetic, competitive and fun. The weather provided the usual San Diego sunshine with perfect temperatures and enough wind to get the boat up to an easy 12 knots. Nothing like the views of the city from the water. Owners, Mark & Steve provided answers to all of our inquiries about the boat and how their passion became reality. Captain Lynn led the sail and offered guidance to all who helped keep the boat on course during our trip. A big thanks to all of the crew who made our outing very memorable. This is a trip everyone should take at least once so you can get hooked!
Sharon Ferguson, Walnut Creek, CA

Reviewed August 31, 2009


A must do if you are in San Diego. Sail the San Diego Bay for three plus hours on the Stars and Stripes America’s Cup racing boat. Captain Lynn is great, let’s each guest “man the helm” for a short period of time and gets everyone involved in cranking the grinders. A beautiful boat and an awesome experience.

Reviewed August 30, 2009


What an awesome experience! The beautiful sailboat and friendly and knowledgable crew made this interactive sailing experience remarkably enjoyable. Certainly a must-do for San Diego natives and visitors alike.



I just got home from sailing on the Stars and Strips, Sail USA 11, a retired Americas Cup racing boat, and wow, what a fun time! The boat is quick, and slices through the water, no problems with rolling or sea sickness, due to most of the weight of the boat being at the bottom of the massive keel, under water. The crew was extremely friendly, like they had known you your whole life. You have your choice of just sitting back and enjoying the ride and the scenery, or taking a turn steering the boat, and you can help run the grinding winches to trim the sails to turn the boat (and does this thing turn on a dime! I was amazed that such a large boat could turn so nimbly — it’s like a sports car on water!). I highly recommend you take a ride on the Stars and Strips Sail USA 11, when visiting San Diego (or if you live here, like me!).

Reviewed August 27, 2009

I took 13 women on the Stars and Stripes for a Teambuilding event. Everyone had a great time. The crew were friendly and professional and definitely knew what they were doing. Everyone on board could do as much or a little as they were comfortable with. From stearing to raising sails it was a special day. Annie really made the experience come allive with real sailing tales. Everyone felt confident aboard and (even those who were very skeptical ) enjoyed the opportunity to help sail the boat when offered. Marnie was great at geting us all scheduled and lunches ordered, helped make everything perfect.

Reviewed August 27, 2009

My 17 year old daughter and I sailed on the Stars and Stripes while visiting colleges in the San Diego area. It was one of the most awesome experiences we’ve shared. I shared the historic nature of the boat with her before our trip, how exciting the America’s Cup competition has always been. The staff was very helpful in setting up the trip, and the dock was pretty easy to find. Before, during and after our sail, the crew was super friendly. And, we were encouraged to actually join the crew in sailing the boat, from raising the sails to grinding the winches, to actually taking the helm and sailing this beautiful boat. The only disappointment was that we only sailed the harbor and did not take the boat out into open Pacific waters. We were told they sometimes sail into open waters, depending on the winds. All in all, I highly recommend this experience in San Diego.

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Reviewed August 26, 2009


This was a surprise for my husband on our 19th Anniversary. He is a difficult person to surprise, and even more difficult to impress. This day I did both! He was ear-to-ear smiles the entire day. The weather was perfect, and the crew was delightful. They were easy going but professional. They made us feel like we were out with friends for the day. The ride was both exciting and relaxing…a perfect day! And ours was by far the most impressive boat we saw all day. Well maintained, and first class! We were the envy of every other boater we saw. When a passer-by would shout, “Wow, nice boat!” we would just smile and say, “Thanks!” We felt like we were living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. “Things to do in San Diego” are a dime a dozen….but this is an unforgetable experience. Don’t leave San Diego without sailing the Stars and Stripes!!!! ….Teresa V., Lancaster, CA | Ask Thriftybelle about Sail Stars & Stripes USA-11

Reviewed August 26, 2009


I took a girls trip to San Diego and stumbled across the SAIL-USA-11’s website. After a little bit of research the girls and I decided to just go for it, none of us had ever been sailing before and weren’t quite sure what to expect. We show uped the morning of sailing expecting just to be towed around for a few hours…but BOY WERE WE WRONG! The weather was amazing and the water was mesmorizing! We could not have asked for a more amazing experience, Captain Lynn and his crew more than welcoming, taught us more about sailing (from our hands on moments of the trip) than we could have comprehended from just sitting on the side of the boat and listening. The girls trip was 1 week long and we all agreed that the day of Sailing was our favorite and most memoriable part of the entire trip! It beat the zoo and every other activity we planned for the trip. I would go sailing with Captain Lynn and his crew again any day-and 100 times over!”

Reviewed August 22, 2009


I’ve been lucky enough to sail on the stars and stripes twice with Sail USA. The experience of the crew really shows as they navigate the boat with such precision! This is not an easy boat to sail, it takes a tremendous amount of teamwork! They make you feel like part of the team, letting you steer and work the grinders. As you cruise through the bay, you are surrounded by a wonderful backdrop of the San Diego skyline on one side and the pacific ocean on the other, simply outstanding!

Santa Barbara, California


Did an afternoon trip and it was perfect in every way! The boat is stunningly beautiful and well-maintained, and the experience of fast sailing on the bay is quite a rush. The crew were friendly, informative, and safety-conscious. There were lovely views of the bay. I highly recommend this to any visitor to San Diego!

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Thank you again and we trust you had an outstanding experience aboard the Stars & Stripes USA 11!

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