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Fun Things to Do in San Diego during Summer 2019

San Diego is a beautiful coastal town in Southern California with a rich history dating back almost five hundred years. But above all, the crowning jewel in this bustling city’s crown is the world famous San Diego Bay. Covering almost fifty square kilometres this natural bay is one of the largest in America, and a highlight that must not be missed.

There are so many things do just in and around the Bay, that we are not able to list everything available, merely some of what we believe to be the most essential things to do. So without further ado, let’s dive in the San Diego Bay.

Tour the Bay with Sail USA

Rated the number one thing to do in San Diego on Trip Advisor, this company owns two world-class sailing boats: the Stars and Stripes USA-11 and the Il Moro De Venezia ITA-16. With a crew comprised of expert sailors, you will tour the Bay at twice the speed of a usual sailboat and get unique views of many of the city’s famous landmarks.

A professional photographer and videographer is part of the crew specifically to capture your adventure to treasure in the future. This company also offers special team building excursions where the crew will supervise the customers as they learn the ropes and work together against the challenging ocean currents and winds.

Marine Life Spotting

Between December and April the California Grey Whales migrate from California to ALask for the birthing season, and they often swim right past San Diego. During this balmy season, avail yourself of a marine life tour and see if you can find one of the many animals that make San Diego Bay a perfect marine habit. Amongst other animals you can see dolphins, whales, sea lions, seals and perhaps even an occasional shark. Wildlife is so bountiful in the Bay that some tours are willing to offer your money back if you don’t see a single whale or dolphin!

Tour the USS Midway

The world’s longest serving aircraft carrier has found a beautiful retirement home at San Diego’s bustling Embarcadero, This massive ship is almost seventy years old and has opened her gangways to become one of the largest, most comprehensive museums on naval aircraft and aircraft carriers in the world. 

This is the perfect activity for you if your sailboat tour is cancelled or delayed by bad weather or you enjoy history and interactive exhibits such as flight simulators or watching documentaries and movies about events the USS Midway was involved in. 

All of the docents are military veterans, a few of whom even served during WWII, and you will find that many of them are more than happy to talk about their experiences working with their comrades in high-stakes situations. Each one of the guides has been chosen for their expert knowledge and are guaranteed to have information to interest everyone who tours this piece of floating history.


With over seventy miles of coast, San Diego has dozens of places to partake in this thrilling activity. From Swami’s to the world famous Trestles (home of the WSL Competitions) to less crowded areas like Oceanside and Del Mar or the rocky reef breaks at La Jolla there is plenty of space and wave variety to suit everyone from the avid surfer to the beginner.

Surfing provides an excellent adrenaline rush, challenges you and helps encourage bonds between a group if you choose to have group lessons because of the intensity of the activity and how it encourages you to reply on others for advice.


Right next to the USS Midway, the Embarcadero is a shopping area full of shops, sights and eateries that offer stunning views of Coronado Island and dozens of heritage ships. There are two special events held annually: in November the area hosts the San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival, and from late June to mid-September the San Diego Symphony Orchestra plays the Bayside Summer Nights. 

The majority of the tour boats in the area is leave from Embarcadero making it the perfect stop after a day’s sailing or touring because you will be able to spend an entire day here enjoying a mix of high energy activities followed by a relaxing evening or afternoon enjoying the company of your friends.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego and the Star of India

The Star of India is the oldest active sailing ship in the world and it is docked not too far away from the USS Midway. The Star of India is the star attraction at the Maritime Museum alongside numerous other permanent and special exhibits to demonstrate the power of maritime teamwork through the history of America.

Mission Trails Regional Park

The sixth-largest municipal park is five thousand eight hundred metres of natural preserve can be found in the north-east of San Diego, right inside the city limits. Inside this rugged wilderness you can take part in hiking, cycling, horseback riding and even more trail activities. 

Of particular note is a trail that leads you to the summit of the highest point in San Diego: Cowles Mountain. At four hundred and eighty-six metres, the view of San Diego County is unparalleled from this point, and will give you a true sensation of accomplishment at having conquered the mountain.

La Jolla Cove

When the Spanish named La Jolla, they were absolutely correct. La Jolla cove is the centrepiece of San Diego’s plentiful beaches and coasts. Now a protected ecological area, the area is rich with shallow water wildlife such as stingrays, eels and dozens of species of fish. A little further down the coast is Children’s Pool, home to a host of sea lions and seals. All together, this makes La Jolla Cove a  perfect place for wildlife spotting via snorkelling, diving and hiking.

However, we would be remiss if we did not mention the other sporting activities available in the area. Kayaking, surfing, stand up paddle boarding and cycling are very popular in the area, and there are plenty of shops that rent out equipment to visitors. After a day of activities, the village of La Jolla has some of the warmest restaurants in the area for you to enjoy.

Coronado Island

Repeatedly voted one of America’s best beaches, Coronado Island has gentle surf, impeccable beaches and gorgeous weather all year around. Not only has the historical village and the hotel housed celebrities, but also royalty and some even say that ghosts haunt the area.

The Island can be accessed by bay, ferry or even by hiring a private sailboat to take you there. On the island itself you can relax on the spotless beaches, rent bikes to tour the island or partake in even more sporting activities before heading to a sublime restaurant for a delicious dinner.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is twelve hundred acres of cultural and botanical attractions ranging from San Diego’s world famous zoo to plenty of art and natural history museums as well as gardens, theatres and restaurants galore. To truly take in the area would take several days, so it is best to do some research and plan a full day of exploring the area. The zoo itself would take a full day to explore, as would the San Diego Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum, meaning that a visitor is almost spoilt for choice.

Similarly, Balboa Park has dozens of miles of hiking trails, though none as challenging as those in Missions Trails Regional Park, making this a wonderful place for first time hikers. Of special note is a cactus garden so well designed that it truly makes you feel as if you are in the middle of a desert and not one of the largest cities in America.

Cabrillo National Monument

Found near Point Loma, this national monument is another spectacular piece of San Diego’s natural beauty. This is an excellent spot for hikers or for people who want to go tide pooling in the many caves and hidden nooks and corners. 

It should be noted that there is no cellphone service at the tidepools, so it is important to arrange drop off and pick up times and follow them as there will be no way to contact others at this location. It is also vital to research tide times as the best time to see the tidepools is two hours before and after the low tide has begun. The best time to visit is in late autumn and winter.

Building A Dream Sand Castle

The famous sand artist JT Estrella offers three-hour lessons for groups of up to seven people (though more can be accommodated if contacted in advance) to learn how to build high quality sand castles involving trips and tricks for carving, forming bridges and towers and other delicate finishing touches. 

This unique activity offers a special chance to work with others in creating a piece of art with your own bare hands. Requiring lots of attention to detail and cooperation, this one-of-a-kind challenge is a fantastic way of encouraging team building and problem solving.

san diego things to do

All in all, San Diego is a fantastic place to go for those who enjoy physical activity or enjoy seeing wildlife in their natural habitats. It is an even better place to build bonds of trust and cooperation between team members due to the variety of diverse and off-the-wall activities offered by this quirky seaside city. 

If you only have time for one special activity, we absolutely suggest taking advantage of San Diego’s natural harbour and exploring the marine area and life found in this place by taking in a cruise on the bay.

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