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Things to do in San Diego in July 2019


San Diego is a terrific place to visit all year long, but during the month of July, the possibilities are endless. The weather is perfect and the city is rich in history. The city is fifty square miles of san, sun, and shops and is one of the busiest places in the United States of America.

There are plenty of things to do in San Diego during the month of July. The dry weather makes a lot of things possible. Here is a list of things that should be done during the month of July if you can find the time for them all.

Visit the Zoo

Visiting the San Diego Zoo in the summer is something people of any age should enjoy. You can buy tickets online or buy by choosing the events you wish to visit and save an extra 55% on the combined attractions. Some July events will have separate tickets so buy ahead to skip the lines.

The San Diego Zoo is one of the best zoos in the entire country. It is home to some of the most unusual and exotic animals. It also has giant pandas. Visiting the zoo is a must this July for any family with kids, but also if you are an animal lover. The park is massive so be prepared to be amazed and do a bit of walking. There are trams available if you need them.

There are a lot of activities and events planned for this summer including talks given by animal care professionals that highlight how specific animals are cared for. Three are also special tours that can take you behind the scenes in select areas so you can watch the animals get their yearly checkups or teeth brushed.

Right next to the regular zoo is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park which has animals you would find on a typical African Safari including Tigers, lions, rhinos, and elephants. The tiger exhibit is a family favorite and if that is not enough, the Walkabout Australia exhibit is right next door where you can see the outback animals like kangaroos and wallabies living it up in the sun.

There is a special event happening known as “African Rocks”. It highlights the plants and animals of Africa and discusses their endangerment and future survival. You should also check out the “Nighttime Zoo” which showcases the animals that only come out at night and some of their particular habits and pastimes.

San Diego Harbor Cruise 

If you are looking for something a little more on the water than you should check out any of the several boat cruises that run around San Diego Bay. You can explore the harbor on some of the educational ones and learn about the animals that are swimming right below your feet. You can also learn about the diverse selection of maritime plant life that they feed on while letting that cool air slide by.

Things to do in San Diego in July

Whale Watching

The San Diego Harbor and beyond San Diego to Newport Landing is full of whiles. There are also several tours you can go on where you can get an up-close and personal look at them. This is perfect to do during the month of July when the sun is out and the whales are playing.

With the combination of sun and water, you are almost guaranteed to see one of these amazing creatures. The area is full of them so keep your eyes open. You will also learn about them and their habits as you cruise the waters and watch them play.

San Diego Comic-Con

 Yes, it is time to put on your clock and reach for the Sky. San Diego’s comic-con is happening in July and there are a lot of things to see. This is an internationally known convention that all comic book lovers should attend. It is held every July in San Diego and while it primarily focuses on Comic Books and the science fiction/ fantasy book, you can also come dressed up as your favorite character relating to a television show or movie.

The show features animation events, anime, toys collectible memorabilia and video games. The building’s capacity is for 130,000 fans, but get your tickets now, they do sell out and last year the crowds overfilled the building.

Belmont Park 

A good way to spend some time at the amusement park in Belmont Park. It is one of the last amusement parks that are still in operation on beachfront property. This is an action-packed park right on the coast so you can enjoy the sun and the cool breeze from the water, but also the view when you are on the top of the Ferris wheel.

You can visit the amusement park for the fun and thrills then wander the boardwalk to enjoy some wonderful fair food. There is something about the sun and the surf that will make that hotdog taste better. It is a perfect thing to do in the month of July. Make sure you purchase a pass for unlimited rides so you can indulge the entire time.

Balboa Park 

The Month of July is perfect for a picnic and for that you should visit Balboa Park. It is considered one of the best urban parks in the country and even scores higher than Central Park in New York City. It is full of natural beauty and a wealth of attractions.

You can enjoy the museums that are on the property (there are 14) along with the gardens that are specially cultivated for a season or for a culture like the Japanese Friendship Garden and the Cactus Garden.  There is also the Desert Garden and the Botanical Garden.

If you time your visit right you may get to enjoy an outdoor performance or cultural event being held at one of the park’s many recreational areas. There is enough activity in this park to keep you busy the entire summer, not just in the month of July.

Point Loma 

Point Loma not only has a beautiful view of the water, but it also has a lovely old lighthouse to explore. The Cabrillo National Monument is on the same piece of property as the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. It is a perfect place to explore for a small day trip and your kids will love exploring the tide pools near the base of the lighthouse.

La Jolla Beach 

This beach is one of the best in San Diego, so to get the most out of your July and your summer; you should pay it a visit. The beach seems endless and the sand makes the water sparkle. It is perfect for sunbathing or enjoying a bit of light swimming.

You can also hike to the end of it and cross into Mission Beach where you can enjoy water sports or catch a wave. It is a perfect place to play in the Pacific Ocean.

Living Coast Discovery Center

You can explore the wildlife of San Diego by visiting the Living Coast Discovery Center. You can learn about the ocean and the wildlife and plants that live there. You can also learn about how you can help them live to by caring for the earth and all that live there.

If you are interested in animals and the environment; you do have to pay to enter so you might want to buy your tickets ahead of time.

San Diego Natural History Museum

This museum contacts exhibits and artifacts from all areas of San Diego. The artifacts are new and old so be prepared to do a bit of reading. You can also explore theNAT exhibit which has one of the oldest collections of dinosaur bones and gemstones in the area. This is a limited-time event as the exhibit is traveling.


 One of the best things you can do this July is attended a ball game. The San Diego Padres are playing and it is a perfect thing to do on a summer evening with your family. The Padres offer special events on some game nights and if you go on kids night you are treated to fireworks and special entertainment. Double-check your dates to see what will be going on at the park before you go.

San Diego is an amazing place to go no matter what time of the year is, but in July, it has the summer magic working for the experience. Plan your trip well and you and your family will have the time of your lives. You need to make the most of this tri because summer is not that long and things aren’t as bright once August hits.

If you are looking to buy tickets ahead of time for special events, double-check your dates and make sure you have everything in order. A lot of events require separate tickets for the entry that is not included on your entry pass.