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Sailing & Team Building – What you should know

Recently, Stars & Stripes USA-11 in joint collaboration with IL-Moro ITA-16 was exclusively introduced for companies looking for an exclusive and fun team building activity in San Diego. Companies looking for a one-of-a-kind event will be part of a crew of 6 on each boat; beneath the supervision of the sailing crew. Team-building members will take the helm, make tactical choices, and grind the winches to trim the sails; with a collection of 3 races up and down San Diego Bay to see which group can make the claim of America’s Cup winners.


What is Exactly is Team Building?

In an perfect world, one would be able to get a group of high-performing people together and have them produce great results.

In the today’s world, high-performing individuals/employees rarely equate to high-performing teams. Some team members don’t get along with others. Some have trouble getting across their ideas clearly. And some teams struggle with leadership issues.

The solution to these problems – and more – is team building; see more about Team-Building and Sailing by clicking here.

“Team building is the process by which organizations enable individuals to come together and form a cohesive team.
At its core, team building is about managing people. Any team is composed of two relationship-types – the relationships between individual team members, and the relationship between individuals and the team as a whole.” Source: https://www.workamajig.com/blog/team-building-guide.\


How Does Sailing and Team Building Work?

Through this one-of-a-kind team-building activity, people can develop their leadership skills, while Improving Communication, Eenhancing Emotional Intelligence, Crisis Management, Conflict Resolution and Problem solving which allows teams to celebrate in the thrill of competition. The racing yacht offers an amazing opportunity for people to witness the natural beauty of the San Diego bay. The Corporate Team-Building Sail is all about getting employees or teammates to work together towards a common goal. The advantages of taking part in this racing competition are as follows:

-Improves communication skills

-Amplifying emotional intelligence

-Problem solving abilities at times of crisis situations

-Ability to cope with various climatic conditions

-Establishing new relationships

-Enhanced productivity

-Defeating barriers and obstacles

-Creating a brand new team


What Should I Bring?

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat with a brim or Visor
  • Sun screen
  • Shorts or light weight pants (khakis, running/hiking pants)
  • A short sleeved, light colored top, and/or, lightweight jacket or windbreaker
  • Sneakers or light soled boat shoes are best (dark soles tend leave marks on the boats) but any comfortable, casual shoes are fine
  • Barefoot on-board is better than flip flops
  • Water, soft drinks, and light snacks are included
  • Photos are taken & uploaded overnight for free online viewing and downloads


Team-Building Benefits

Team building activities can benefit sports teams, corporate teams, school classes, church groups, and really any group of people who are trying to achieve something together. When executed correctly, team building activities can improve communication, increase motivation, create a more cohesive group, and help groups reach their goals more effectively. A Forbes article even calls team building “the most important investment you’ll make.”

Stars & Stripes USA 11 got it’s start when Founder Lynn Hannah noticed a growing need for Team Building activities around San Diego; which has become a great way to reduce employee stress, increase productivity and promote creativity in a business or group. With 28 years prior experience in the sailing tours world, Lynn Hannah decided to go ahead and start in 2003.


Team-Building San Diego – What to Expect

America’s Cup racing yachts provide the perfect venue for dividing your guests into groups to race one another. Stars & Stripes USA-11 and IL Moro ITA-16 both competed in the America’s Cup venue held here in San Diego in 1992. Your guests/employees/team-members, will join our crew of 6 on each boat to form a team to get the maximum performance out of each racing yacht. Under the supervision of our crew, your team members will take the helm, make tactical decisions, and grind the winches to trim the sails. We will have a series of 3 races up and down San Diego Bay to see which team can make the claim of America’s Cup winners. Prior to the sail, we will provide a brief history of the America’s Cup and details of each boat. During the sail, a photographer will be on board each boat to document all the action for immediate viewing afterward in our club house. The photos and videos will also be uploaded to Google Albums for later viewing online. The price for both boats for the 3 hours on the water is $3,600. Water, soft drinks, light snacks, beer and wine are all included. There are no additional taxes or fees and crew gratuity will be at your discretion. At this time, Thursday, May 3rd is available and all we require for confirmation is a 50% deposit that is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the sail. You can choose your time frame, but recommend early afternoon for optimal wind conditions.

We look forward to sailing with you and your people in the near future; below are some team-building videos and links to additional team-building resources we think may be helpful to you. Make sure to check our FAQ Page here.

More Info on Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities that Rock in San Diego, CA

Team USA-11 in joint collaboration with IL-Moro ITA-16 was exclusively introduced for companies looking for an exclusive and fun team building activity in San Diego. It is suited for all groups of people whether you like sailing or not.. The ultimate objective of the Team USA-11 is to provide one-of-a kind team building experience to people residing in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any visiting groups. In addition this sailing race and charter is open for people looking for fun group activities to do around San Diego, company outing ideas, and corporate party ideas.

Through this program the guests can develop a skill on how to manage and sail the racing yachts in an effective manner. Before taking part in this program, the participants are requested to go through the team building San diego reviews with links that are posted at bottom of this page. The crew of Team USA-11 promises a fascinating experience for the guests involved in the racing competition. This  fun group activitiy includes; witnessing exotic varieties of birds flocking, to sea lions, dolphins and other marine life cruising around the San Diego bay. Vital historical informations with respect to the America’s Cup will be briefed by one of the crew member before commencement of the race, along with other historic details of the famous San Diego Bay.

The guests will be able to smoothly handle the wheel and participate as a true sailing team during the three hour exhilarating journey. It is truly a unique hands-on experience for the valued participants. The Team USA-11 is well equipped with boats and crews  that are quite comfortable helping guests interact and participate as crew-members themselves. As a result, the guests need not worry about any sorts of sea sickness or getting wet. The team-building eventincludes taking amazing pictures and video of memorable moments on board. The captured videos and images are later reviewed back at the club house of Team USA-11. It is also shared via Google photos platform so each team member will easily be able to view, share and save the memories forever.

Remarkable team-work of Stars and Stripes USA-11

The internal team of Stars and Stripes USA-11 is very kind and hospitable towards the guests. They have impeccable knowledge about the history of former America Cup racing yacht competitions. It is indisputably a rewarding trip for the participants and should be definitely included in one of your San Diego itinerary. The team building activity in San Diego has received raving reviews; which can and should be reviewed by clicking here. The guests can also indulge in the corporate team building programs to refine their leadership skills,build a great team spirit and improve team work for your corporate team while having fun. The crew of Stars and Stripes USA-11 provides complete assistance once on board. During course of the racing yacht competition, a brief history of the America Cup will be narrated by an experienced guide. This is to encourage the people to take part in the event and handle the wheel with confidence. The sailing race will consist of each team and boat to have a crew of 6 experienced crew members.

Once the race has reached its final level, the guests are escorted by the crew of Stars and Stripes USA-11 to the dock. They will serve refreshments such as light snacks, beer and wine while going through the days pictures and videos.

Why choose sailing for Team Building Activity?

Each team-member will have the opportunity to practice different areas of responsibility; at the helm, manning a winch or handling a line and hoisting the sails.  Through this program, they can develop their leadership skills, while Improving communication, Enhancing emotional intelligence, Crisis management and conflict resolution, Problem solving and allows teams to celebrate in the thrill of competition. The racing yacht offers an amazing opportunity for you to witness the natural beauty of the San Diego bay.  Our Corporate team building sail is all about getting your employees or clients to work together towards a common goal. Spoil yourself at one of the most famous and highly reviewed racing competitions organized by the Stars and Stripes USA-11. This could be the best team building activities  around and it is an excellent achievement of business goals.

More advantages of taking part in this racing competition are as follows:

  • Improves communication skills
  • Amplifying emotional intelligence
  • Problem solving abilities at times of crisis situations
  • Ability to cope with various climatic conditions
  • Establishing new relationships
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Defeating barriers and obstacles
  • Creating a brand new team

Facts of Stars and Stripes USA-11 (see FAQ page)

Registration process

Stars and Stripes USA-11 is a world renowned racing yachts. They had initially conducted America Cup Sailboat Charter back in the year 1992 across the San Diego bay. The company joined their hands together with IL Moro Di Venezia ITA-16 to perform the program. The estimated duration of the racing competition is about three hours. The total price charge for adults is about one hundred dollars. Children who are aged below five years old are  not allowed to take part in this event. Those guests who are above five to eighteen years of age are required to pay seventy five dollars to attend the racing competition. If you wish to hire a private charter, please contact us here or call (619)255-4705.

The three hour exhilarating racing competition is accessible to the public seven days a week. All we require for confirmation is a 50% deposit that is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the sail.  You can choose your time frame, but recommend early afternoon for optimal wind conditions. The price for both boats for the 3 hours on the water is $3,600.  Water, soft drinks and photos are all included.  There are no additional taxes or fees and crew gratuity will be at your discretion.

Team Building Reviews | Stars & Stripes USA-11

My Team and I had a thrilling experience and a lot of fun sailing on Il Moro yesterday. Thank you Cpt Lynn and crew.

Wonderful experience. Very nice and knowledgeable team. They let everyone to take part, according to their wish and ability.

A wonderful experience! If you get a chance to sail the Stars & Stripes.. do it! What a thrill to “grind” and be part of the team. It was so fun to sail FAST with an experienced crew dedicated to making your experience super special!

We booked a team building event on the Stars & Stripes and it was fantastic! Lynn & Bee are such sweet awesome people and they and their crew gave us such a wonderful experience. First Bee gave a great presentation of the history of the America’s Cup, which was very interesting and informative. Then after we set sail, everyone in our group worked together sailing the boat, from grinding the gears, winching the sails and even actually steering the boat! A very hands on experience. The boat was very smooth and not rocky at all, so no need to worry about getting seasick or wet. Bee took great pictures and video the whole time, and watching them back in the office was a lot of fun for everyone. She sent the link so others at my company could see as well. People at my work are still talking about it. I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to have a fun and unique experience in San Diego!

This was the best way to see San Diego Bay we have experienced yet, and was so much fun along the way! My friends and I felt both entertained and like we’d been part of a renewing team-building experience at the same time. I had seen boats race on television for years and been impressed by the amount of teamwork required to run these boats, so this in-person experience gave me just the thrill I craved of operating such a fine boat under nature’s wind power. The USA-11 staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and great teachers about the sailing process as well as the sights around the bay. Whether you have no experience or are adept in the arts of sailing, this would be a rewarding trip, as the participation level is entirely up to you and can be tailored to all levels of ability. I strongly recommend this as a special experience not-to-be-forgotten on your San Diego itinerary

There’s a reason this seems to be in the top five of locals’ recommendations when visiting San Diego. Everyone on the boat had a real team focus, and ensured that everyone got a chance to participate in racing the boat. 6-year old kids, elderly men and women, those who had never been on a boat before, etc; everyone got to do as much or as little as they wanted at the helm or on the winches. Every action we took had an impact on the boat speed. As an avid sailor I think it’s fantastic that the general population gets a chance to race an America’s Cup boat, and in beautiful San Diego harbor no less!

The boat is beautiful and the crew friendly and enthusiastic. We tacked up and down the harbor making 10 knots in light wind with coaching and commentary from the skipper. The shore team were extraordinarily helpful, tracking us down from photographs to return binoculars we left.

We’d seen Stars & Stripes USA 11 out on the water on a previous trip to San Diego but hadn’t realised you could get on board until we saw the reviews on Trip Advisor. We’re keen dinghy sailors so the opportunity to get on such an amazing boat was not to be missed! It was a truly unforgettable experience – not just being on the boat itself but all the interaction with the team onshore and on board. We really felt they wanted everyone to have the best possible time and we did! To say that we’ve now helmed (under expert guidance of course!) a piece of maritime history is incredible. We’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone not just those who love being out on the water. It’s definitely worth arriving early enough to enjoy the presentation before boarding and then staying afterwards to have fun looking at all the great photos and video footage. This was a real highlight of our 4 days in San Diego!


My wife and I had the time of our lives sailing on the USA Stars & Stripes 11 in San Diego this summer! The ride was exhilarating and at times, we felt like we were flying on the water. What an experience! We had great views of the bay and the ocean and knifed through the water like a hot blade through butter. 

We enjoyed grinding the winches, trimming the sails and helming the boat. It was like driving a Ferrari on the water!

The crew was friendly, informative and highly skilled. The ship was sleek, fast, clean and beautiful. The pre-sailing history of the America’s Cup was very informative and the crew went out of their way to make us feel comfortable, safe and part of a winning team. The price was very reasonable and the service was outstanding! I recommend any lover of the sea, sailor or non-sailor, to try this wonderful opportunity when visiting San Diego. 

If you appreciate the Americas Cup. Then this is bucket list level stuff. Capt. Lynn, his wife and team take great care of your comfort while giving you a fully thrilling experience. Crew as much or as little as you wish, and have the chance to drive the multi- million $ vessel.