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Team Building Activities in San Diego

Is your office team not cooperating? Nothing can get done when your whole team isn’t working together. There’s a lot of team building in San Diego, with a lot of different objectives. These can help your team become a happy, functioning team again that gets work done.

Team Olympics

With both indoor and outdoor versions so the activity can run all year long, these fun and engaging group activities allow for effective and complete participation from all members. Starting with a group warm up, your team will be split into two groups and assigned a color to participate in multiple games. The themes of the games can either be beach, cowboy, or winter games. Offered by Best Corporate Events & Team Building, Team Olympics is available for groups ranging from 30 to 6,000 people. These activities will generate team spirit while competing for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals as well as the ability to stand on the Winner’s podium. The activities will depend on your group’s size, time available, location, space, and season. This way, your team can bond, have fun, get a little exercise, and maybe generate a little more productivity at work.

Go-Kart Competition

Feel the need for speed? This competition based Group Activity allows you to design your own Go-Kart that runs on human generated power. Your group will assemble into “Pit Crews” and electing someone to be the boss that supervises everything. Your group will split into car designers and people to design and decorate the driver’s jumpsuit. During this exercise, your team will receive points for creativity, productivity, and other factors. Finally, the team will come up with a chant to shout out if they happen to win. This high-speed activity belongs to Best Corporate Events & Team Building, and will put you in the driver’s seat of your team’s attitude, work productivity, and team spirit. The program is designed for a group of 30 to over 1,000 people, and lasts about 2 and a half hours long. Your team will definitely feel refreshed and ready to roll when they go back to work.

A Minute 2 Win It!

After the popular game show, Best Corporate Events & Team Building has created a version intended for teams to play. The program lasts 2 hours, and allows for groups of 30-1,000 or more to participate. This group building activity incorporates a series of table top tasks using everyday office and home items in a small increment of time. After a warm up session, the rounds are played and the scores are tallied accordingly. After warm up, your team will be split into groups, and multiple rounds are played. Everyone is engaged and involved in continuously improving to improve their overall score. The program ends with awards, both team and individual. This is one of Best Corporate Events & Team Building’s more competitive programs to participate in, and is sure to make your team come closer together.

Build-a-raft competition

A high-energy competition, your team will be assigned to make their own rafts using only the materials provided by Best Corporate Events & Team Building. This team building exercise will create  strong collaboration skills amongst your team as they have to work together to build and race their rafts. Everyone gets involved as they earn points for being original and create a chant to sing in front of the whole group. This program tests problem-solving skills, creativity, and originality.  Each sub-team will assign a few people to paddle the raft in a raft relay race. This program allows for the challenge to be done in a swimming pool, lake or pond, or the ocean. You’re team will definitely become bonded together after this adrenaline pumping Building Activity.

Escape Rooms

An all time favorite, there are many escape rooms all over San Diego. One called the The Hour Room, which is one of San Diego’s largest escape rooms, offers an interactive experience, and it’s puzzles make your team think in creative ways and work together to solve their way out in 60 minutes.  It offers a unique atmosphere and a realistic storyline, with challenging puzzles and riddles. Your team will need strong cooperation and good team work to get out. A group with a minimum of two and a maximum amount of 12 will be allowed in the room.

Scavenger Hunt

In a more technological version of a scavenger hunt, teams will download an app to their phones and will race around San Diego in pursuit of hidden items around the city at locations such as Old town, Maritime Museum, USS Midway, Seaport Village, and Little Italy. The scavenger hunt is recommended to be completed in one day, and takes a few hours to complete, but you can pause the scavenger hunt and finish it later. This exercise will help create bonds between team members, a sense of communication, and other helpful skills to be used when you return to the office. You can hunt on any day during the week, and if you’d like to liven up your search, Go Team Adventures offers rental Electric Scooters, Gocars, Speed Boats, and more. Your team will return to work happy after this team building exercise.

Sailboat Racing

Everyone involved in your team will be involved in this special team building activity. They will have the chance to enhance and learn leadership skills. There is a certain amount of responsibilities that each member on board has in maintaining the perfect balance that results in a winning team. They must adapt to and overcome numerous challenges throughout the course of the activity. Your team will learn how to take orders from people in leadership positions and how to give them from a leadership position. Stars & Stripes USA-11 and IL Moro ITA-16 offers a variety of team building options and event options. They also offer services like food and beverages, team wear, photo and video productions of your experience and much more for you to enjoy and to make your exercise more enjoyable and relaxing. More info here.

Challenge Courses

Looking for something to challenge your group? UC San Diego Recreation offers a completely unique challenge course to test your group efficiently and effectively. With portable activities, and customizable schedules, you can bring the challenge to you. You can test your groups goal-setting, and leadership skills, making this activity great for groups. Allow your team to climb, crawl, and jump your way to success with a challenge course, as there are multiple in and around San Diego. Each one offers completely different courses and services. Your team can get the best team building experience with Challenge Courses.

Build your own Mini-Golf Course

Get the ball rolling and get your team to build their own mini-golf course within their own small teams and let them obtain creativity skills and leadership skills through this neat activity you can do with 24-300 people. With an indoor and outdoor version, you can make each hole as creative and challenging as you want with the given materials. Once all of the holes are finished, each group will select a representative to play through the course. This activity is offered by TeamBonding as a charity, so you can give back to the community while also expanding your team’s skills and boost motivation.

Food Truck Face off

In this deliciously wonderful competition, your team will compete as smaller teams to whip up a better food truck than its opponent. Teams participate in Ice breakers to decide where they’ll be, and they choose what the food truck will serve and a theme, such as Mexican, Asian, Vegetarian, ect. The team will choose a name, logo, and create a large sign for their food truck as well as a menu. Best Corporate Events & Team Building has once again created an amazing opportunity for your team to bond and create amazing leadership and creativity skills.

Game Show Feud

This extremely exciting and funny exercise is sure to liven things up at work. The employees split up into teams, and after icebreakers to get their blood pumping the “contestants” will begin to go through fast rounds comprised of survey questions. In a bracket score system, each team that wins a round will advance until a winner is crowned. Best Corporate Events & Team Building offers this unique activity that keeps everyone involved and in stitches throughout the duration. Your team will create a close relationship that will ease any tensions your office has. This activity is a great way to motivate and engage your employees, and give them a fresh start at work.


Watch out! This is sure to knock your socks right off when you see how well your team is getting along after this fun and competitive activity.  Catapult calls for the teams to use their brain power and creative side to construct a catapult that is able to launch objects a far distance. For the first ten minutes, the teams will take an inventory of all their materials, and once they’re told they will spring to action to create an accurate catapult. By Best Corporate Events & Team Building, you can have up to over 1,000 people involved in this activity that helps to expand your brain’s creativity.


Pipeline is an extremely hands-on experience that requires collaboration from all sub-teams. The activity begins with a kick-off that will inspire you for later in the challenge. Each sub-team has to work together to create a marble delivery system, the end product. Every participant is allowed to give their concept ideas, designs, and contribute to the production of the pipeline. Best Corporate Events & Team Building created this activity to increase collaboration and communication between the teams and your employees. This great activity is sure to make you proud of your group in the end.

Making sure your team gets along is important to the health and well being of your work environment, but your work environment is also important for your employees mental and physical health as well. Making the work environment a fun and exciting place is sure to make your employees feel as though they’re at home with your company, and will help with productivity as well. If your employees are thriving, then the company is thriving as well. That is why you should go for team building in San Diego.

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