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San Diego’s Premiere Team Building Activity Revealed and Reviewed


Our genuine America’s Cup racing yachts provide the perfect venue for group building and/company sailing charters; dividing your staff into groups to race one another. Stars & Stripes USA-11 and IL Moro ITA-sixteen each competed in the America’s Cup venue held here in San Diego in 1992.

Your friends will be a part of our crew of 6 on each boat to type a crew to get the utmost performance out of each racing yacht. Beneath the supervision of our crew, your crew members will take the helm, make tactical choices, and grind the winches to trim the sails. We can have a collection of 3 races up and down San Diego Bay to see which group can make the claim of America’s Cup winners.

Don’t just take our word for it take a look at some of our reviews from past Team Building Sailors and Corporate Events we have had over the past years.

This was a great team building event! The crew was amazing – their sailing skills were incredible and so was their hospitality. As novices, we learned a bit about sailing as well as the historic boat we were on. We partook in the work required to get this boat under sail, getting some first hand experience. The crew took pictures and video of the event and provided it to the participants at no additional cost. It was refreshing to have this offered at the end of an event like this instead of being “nickeled and dimed” for more money after the trip is over. It was fun to share a cold beverage with our “mates” as we came back into port. This was truly a world class experience I can highly recommend.

This is definitely your best bet for sailing on the San Diego bay. The crew is top notch, they will instruct you what to do so you get hands on crew work, and you can steer the boat! I would definitely recommend chartering this for team building exercises. Would love to do it again.

I planned a trip online for my boss, co-workers and myself (7 of us) using only the website and a few emailed questions back and forth. You can only imagine the stress that the unknown has when planning a type of excursion such as this. All of my concerns were for nothing!!! EVERYONE had a wonderful time and has thanked me continuously since our trip. As a matter of fact, my boss enjoyed it so much that he recommended to our SVP that our company from 5 different markets do this as a team building event next year as part of our DM Conference. The staff is courteous and the tour of San Diego is incredible!! I am looking forward to next year with great anticipation!!!

My team of operations managers and I signed up for a 4-hour cruise on the Stars and Stripes 11 – sailboat in San Diego. We were all new to the sailboat experience and had an amazing time. The sailboat and crew were incredible! We were offered the opportunity to work with the crew as little or as much as we wanted. Each member of our party was able to steer the sailboat throughout the cruise. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon sailing out toward the ocean, and then back through the San Diego Bay. Not only did we get to sail past and learn about many of the local attractions, including museums and aircraft carriers, we also had a few dolphin sightings which were exciting for us, since we are from the Midwest. The crew was incredibly friendly and accommodating. We all agreed it was a great adventure and would love to come back again at our conference next year. We would highly reccommend it to anyone.

Whether you are an avid sailor or a novice like myself, the Sail USA-11 team will make this a memorable afternoon and teach you skills you didn’t think possible. Marnie and the crew were great; friendly, supportive, encouraging and always respectful. You’ll learn teambuilding skills while helping the crew with the operation of the boat. This is more than just a pleasure sailing experience. It is a real opportunity to bond with your friends, family or new friends you make on board! I would highly recommend this trip for parents and children. You can’t buy this kind of quality time together anywhere else. A HUGE thumbs up and thank you to SAIL USA-11. – Stefan Pagacik, Manomet, MA

This past weekend I went with a group of friends aboard the USA-11 on the beautiful San Diego Bay. We actually got to do a lot of the sailing and the day was just perfect with a nice breeze and sunshine. It’s a great team building activity or just to go out and have a great time with friends and family. We had so much fun!!!!!!!