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Fun Summer events in San Diego 2019


San Diego being the second largest city in California and eight largest city in the United States is America is one of the most popular tourist spots around the world. It is also known as “America’s finest City”.

Summer in San Diego 

It is what dreams are made of. Hot girls, happening events, so many places to visit and things to do. San Diego is definitely a go to place during the summer, which promises you a lot of fun and activities. Without further ado let’s list down Summer Events in San Diego.



With almost 80 world renowned classical artists putting up amazing performance one after the other, the LA JOLLA MUSIC SOCIETY SUMMERFEST that mostly takes place at the Conrad Prebus Concert Hall at the University of California, it is one thing not to be missed during the summer. So many concerts and so many artists performing, it is definitely worth attending. 



The city’s most prized possession of definitely the world famous San Diego Bay. There is no way someone goes to San Diego and doesn’t visit the San Diego Bay. What is more fun during the summer is the BAYSIDE SUMMER NIGHTS. It’s like a music festival with lost of food, performances and picturesque views. It takes place at the Embarcadero Marina Park South in downtown. It offers you a fun time with the most stunning of views and allows you to truly get into the summer vibe 



While on the topic of concerts and music, the KAABOO FESTIVAL is not to be missed while spending summer in San Diego. Even thought it takes place in the second week of September, it is still packed with a lot of people and it is a three-day festival with countless music acts.



Summer is all about fun festivals with lots of music, food and in this case some beautiful animals as well. This is a very family friendly festival that takes place during the summer and one of the events that should not be missed. You can walk around the animals while live music plays and fun activities like magicians and jugglers are also arranged.



A brand new roller coaster ride to be unveiled this summer at the San Diego Sea world is definitely not to be missed. It basically demonstrates the power of the ocean and is one of a kind. 



While you are there checking out the Tidal Twister, the Electric Ocean is not to be missed. It will be a night packed with shows like the Cirque Electrique and Illuminight. Experience the most exotic parts of the underwater world and have a fantastic time at the Sea world.


San Diego County Fair

What better way to spend a summer day than to crack open a cold one with friends? San Diego offers the San Diego Beer Festival. If you have not found the perfect beer for your taste, you are in luck! You will have the chance to taste beers from up to 200 different breweries from around the world and can definitely know if you are a craft beer person or if you like the generic brands more. The event is not only about beer; you will also have the chance to do food pairings and a lot more.



A spectacular way to spend the Fourth of July in San Diego is to visit the Ocean beach where you can spend your time relaxing at the beach and shopping around the Newport Ave. This is followed by a magnificent display of fireworks that you can enjoy looking at from the perfect location of the Ocean Beach. There are other parades as well that happen on that day so if you want to do things a little more actively then you can be a part of the various parades not to mention the concerts as well.


USS Midway Museum 

There is nothing like taking a tour of a museum and knowing about the historical facts and events that took place in a city. It will help you develop a connection that is very deep with the beautiful city of San Diego and it will give you a wonderful insight about the history of the city itself. The best part about the USS midway museum is that it is home to world’s longest serving aircraft carrier. It will make you learn so much about the heroes who served in the military, about wars and it is not only a place for the history buffs to visit but for every person visiting San Diego in the summer. There are many special tours happening during the summer so do check it out.



One of the most happening events related to food in San Diego is the Bay wine and food festival. It is a celebration of food and wine with so many local legends gathering together to make it a memorable and unforgettable experience for people. It also takes place amidst the most beautiful beaches and sailboats in the Embarcadero Marina Park South in downtown.  If you are a food and wine enthusiast this is just the right event for you. 


Comic-Con International San Diego


The event features amazing fun for comic lovers as it is guaranteed that anyone with the love of comics will have a mind-blowing time at this interactive event. From getting a chance to meet your favorite comic creators to getting an autograph from your favorite superhero, this event is a blast!

Exclusive screening is a major part of the event so missing out on this event is not an option for comic lovers. Along with other fun-filled activities such as costume parties and merchandise sales this is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world.


With the aforementioned events and countless more that can not be mentioned in one single article, it is guaranteed that you will have a very fun packed and eventful summer in San Diego and it will definitely become one of the most memorable summers of your life.