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Sailing is about being on the water, the freedom, fresh air, and being with friends or family.  Sailing is also about finding the type of sailboat that will best suit you.


Boats that are larger than 26 feet usually have standing headroom down below and are typically equipped with sleeping accomodations, a head (bathroom) and galley are Cruising Sailboats. Cruising Sailboats should have sufficient internal volume for comfortable living aboard.


Racing Sailboats: When you put the words sailing and racing together so many images come to mind as it can mean something different to every person on the water. Why do we sail? Is it the love of the sport or the competitive side of the sport? Do you enjoy the physical or mental side of competing? Any yacht can ultimately be raced, but there are many that are designed, rigged and built specifically for competitive racing.


Racing Sailboats are similar to cruising boats but have more equipment and are built lighter, with spartan to no accommodations. Such boats are usually 20 – 70+ feet in length.


America’s Cup yachts are Racing Sailboats that run into the millions of dollars to build and many thousands to operate and maintain annually. Skippered by the best, crewed by professionals, these yachts are the top dogs of the sailing world. Very few locations throughout the world offer opportunities to actually sail on a retired America’s Cup Sailboat.  Of those, very few venues actually allow guests to grind winches and drive the America’s Cup Racing Sailboat. One such yacht is Stars & Stripes USA 11.


Located in beautiful San Diego California, Stars & Stripes USA 11 is available for Private Charter, Corporate Charter, Team Building Charter, or one can join others onboard a Public Charter. Stars & Stripes USA 11 is 78’ long, 17’ wide, 13’ deep and eleven stories high! Towering 115’ off the water, Stars & Stripes USA 11 is the grand lady of San Diego Bay that makes a statement something like: “I’m bold and beautiful, and I’m likely to beat the competition while providing a comfortable ride for my guests”.


Like all sailboats, Stars & Stripes USA 11 can carry you through the water and across space and time using nothing but the power of the wind. Unlike most other sailboats, though, Stars & Stripes USA 11 has a length on waterline of 65’ making comfortable motion underway —thereby making your ride supremely quiet and smooth. In twelve years of guests sailing aboard the Racing Sailboat Stars & Stripes USA 11, no one has ever gotten seasick.

Once underway, you will have an opportunity to grind the winches (to bring in the sails), drive the boat and feel its power, or relax and enjoy the ride. Stars & Stripes USA 11 will zip around San Diego Bay at twice the speed of other sailboats.  If the wind is up, the ride can be quit thrilling.


If you choose to charter Stars & Stripes USA 11 for Team Building, your group can be broken down in small groups that would rotate through different stations and actively work together in racing mode. Or your Team Building adventure could be one that is down time for your team members to relax and spend time together. Detailed Team Building info here.


Corporate Charters on Stars & Stripes USA 11 is a great way to entertain clients or incorporate the racing sailboat experience for a board of directors retreat. Click for more info…


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide, cruising style sailboat or Racing Sailboat. I choose Racing Sailboat because if I don’t feel like grinding winches, I can always relax and enjoy the freedom, fresh air and being with friends or family while zipping along enjoying the power and performance of the yacht.