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Treat your office or group to a San Diego team-building adventure aboard the famous Stars and Stripes Racing Yacht. Our Sailing Charters and Corporate Sails are meant to create a unique chance to bond, while learning the fundamentals of sailing. Our teams learn basic sailing skills then participate in a a series of races zig zagging though the beautiful San Diego Bay. The benefits of sailing Stars & Stripes USA-11; include effective communication and problem-solving that are important to all teams. This Sailing Charter is also a time with no outside distractions, allowing team-members to develop individual connections and bonding that will directly benefit the work environment.

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Have to admit I was a little nervous about a last-minute invitation to sail on an America’s Cup racing yacht since I’m not an overly adventurous type, but later couldn’t even believe I’d hesitated for a moment. What a fabulous experience! The afternoon spent on San Diego Bay was wonderful. Watching the experienced crew members was fascinating all by itself, and being able to participate was double-fun. Passengers were offered the opportunity to get involved to the extent they wanted to, given encouragement but no pressure at all. I accepted the challenge to steer the ship for awhile – wow! – and felt secure because of the calm coaching and close attention provided by the captain. The sailboat is pristine, is thrillingly fast and yet provides an amazingly smooth ride. The charter operator limits the number of people allowed on the sailboat so it wasn’t crowded, giving it the feeling of being on a private sailing yacht with a group of friends. The friendly and entertaining personalities of the crew set a good atmosphere of camaraderie which carried over to the entire group on board; so by the end of the excursion we really did feel like we were among friends. There was a person on board who’s main role was to snap photos constantly upon request — so no need to cling onto my cellphone/camera or attempt awkward selfies — which were then made accessible via a private link emailed to passengers. Refreshments were served onboard plus there was a mini-reception afterwards for those who wanted to ask more questions or just linger awhile longer after disembarking. Oh, and we first attended the extra presentation (included with ticket) about the America’s Cup races and the Stars and Stripes-11 history which was given prior to boarding. Very informative and a good foundation for enjoying the sailing experience even more, so don’t miss that. Would highly recommend this unique memorable activity while in San Diego. Sure hope I have the chance to sail with them again. Thank you Captain Lynn and First Mate Bee and your extraordinary crew members!

I was introduced to the Stars & Stripes sailing experience many years ago during a privatesail organized by my employer. It was so much fun that I included it in our plans for a brief trip to San Diego this weekend. The experience has…More

We arranged for a private charter for our company’s annual meeting. Lynn, Bea and the rest of the staff were professional, informative and fun! Everyone on Stars & Stripes were eager to answer anyone’s questions; point out places of interest and give a history to…More

From the first call I had with Captain Lynn to set up a private outing, he was so helpful and easy to work with. I was planning this from out of town and he made it all very easy. They took photos throughout the trip and shared them with us all for no extra cost, and they turned out beautifully. Our whole group of 24 had a wonderful time and really enjoyed getting a chance to help sail the boat. We went by a navy base where we got to watch them training dolphins which was really cool. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a unique group outing or client appreciation event! Thanks Lynn for everything!

I’ve never been sailing before riding the Stars & Stripes USA-11, and I had a blast. I was with a group that did a private charter, and the entire trip was enjoyable, relaxing, memorable and fun. Our group got to help their crew with the sailing process, and each one of us even got to drive the boat for a while. Stars and Stripes even provided a nice digital camera, and we got to see the photos right after we docked (plus they gave us a link to download them for free, which was an unexpected and nice bonus).

As one without “sea legs,” I was worried that I would get sea sick or just tired of being on the boat, and that never happened, not even once. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed being on the water, hearing the stories from the crew and being a “sailor” for an afternoon.

If you’re in San Diego and you’re looking for something different to do, I highly recommend this experience! Thanks, Captain Hanna and crew!

We arranged for a private charter with Capt. Lynn Hanna aboard the Stars & Stripes USA-11 last Wednesday, May 16th. It was an absolutely perfect day for sailing San Diego harbor, with sunny skies and 10 to 15 knots of wind. The boat is a pristine America’s Cup race boat, sailed by Dennis Connor himself in the Challenger Cup in 1992. Everything about the boat was in perfect condition, and the crew was helpful, friendly, and very professional. Everyone on the boat got to participate as much or as little as they wished, and as sailing adventures go, I would have to say that this one cannot be beaten. We traveled the entire length of the harbor over the course of about 3 hours, and each member of the crew were able to fill us in on points of interest all along the waterfront. This is truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience not to be missed when visiting San Diego. I would recommend it to anyone, young or old, as you can participate to any level you wish, from not lifting a finger to “grinding” the main sail all the way up the mast, and driving the boat ! Go !!!

A group of friends and I booked SAIL USA in August of this year. We sailed on the Stars and Stripes, Dennis Connor’s America’s Cup boat. It was truly a great experience. The crew was friendly, relaxed and made us feel welcome. We were so welcome, that we got to help hoist the sails, man the cranks for the jib and give S&S a steer. We had excellent weather during San Diego’s chilly summer and the wind gave us a great ride. Our excursion took us around San Diego bay, allowing us to get a great tour of the place and watch all the US Navy ships buzzing about. The only regret we had was that we couldn’t exit the bay and get the spinnaker going! The wind was perfect for that. Next time we’ll arrange for a private outing. I can highly recommend the crew. The price was right, the weather was great, the experience unique and the crew very professional. I can highly recommend this to anyone who wants a unique San Diego outing. My only tip is that you give yourself enough time to arrive in time to make the boat. The Marina can be difficult to find if you don’t know your way around the area. Failing that, call Marnie and have her give you the scoop.

Highly competent and friendly crew. Beautiful sailboat and a fabulous sail. Cannot recommend more highly for family outings, a fun date, a solo adventure, or a corporateevent.

We had one of the most memorable days that we have ever had as a family on board Bee and Lynn’s “Stars & Stripes.” From the moment we arrived, they had an exceptional seminar that outlines the history of racing sail boats and the incredible science behind the boats. Then, a crew of incredibly talented sailors takes you on board and continues the educational process. Everyone can participate (or just sit and relax … it is up to you). They photograph the entire event and provide you with the images at no cost. It is the best 3 hour adventure. This is a great event for locals, for those traveling and for corporate parties. The entire outing is truly exceptional.

I had previously sailed with them on a corporate outing, and wanted my family to experience it as well.

My three boys (ages 17, 15, and 13) admitted they were not really looking forward to sailing, but couldn’t stop talking about it afterward. They enjoyed the history of the yacht, America’s Cup, the sheer mass of the sails, and really enjoyed helping sail the boat. At the end of the sail, they all agreed that they loved it!

The owners and sailing crew were very friendly, engaging, and allows passengers to get involved in the sailing as much or as little as they want to be involved.

Definitely a unique experience, and something most people don’t think to do on vacation…..and certainly very few people ever get to sail on an America’ Cup yacht!

We went out with the Stars and Stripes team for a corporate team-building event. Even though there was not much wind, the crew helped us catch it once outside the bay and even made 11 knots during a team race. Liked the slide show of the history of the America’s Cup and the debriefing with photos afterwards. Best thing – I never once felt seasick on this big boat!

I chartered the USA-11 for a corporate event. This was fantastic. We were blessed with beautiful, 80 degree weather and sunny skies, and every one of my guests thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Days later, they are still recounting the “work” they did on-board the boat. Captain Lynn and his crew go all out to make it a great experience. Every crew member was interesting and engaging – it’s clear that they love doing these sails. The addition of a crew member dedicated to taking photos was great! It’s very hard to try to take photos on your own, and the album provided after was perfect.

I can’t write much else about this – if you have the opportunity, do this!

We went on “The Stars and Stripes” thinking it would be fun and a we could watch the crew show us how it is “really” done. Well I was delighted to actually get to help the crew and be involved in the sail. Everyone was comfortable and no one had to do anything they didn’t want to. The Captain and crew made everything so easy we all got to participate. I would recommend this for anyone of any age. This would also be a great Corporate team event.

Thank you to Captain and Crew!

We had a great time on this excursion. Highly recommend for all ages. The crew was fun and allowed lots of participation including driving the boat! My favorite part is that the boat is faster than all the other sail boats out there. It was great blowing by them like they were standing still. We were on a corporate retreat and it made for a fun team work experience. I think it would also be great for family bonding. Thanks guys, can’t wait to do it again!

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Arranged for an outing on Stars & Stripes as part of a weekend firm meeting. We had a mix of experience — some had never been on a sailboat before. All had a great time. The boat is exceptional and sailing on her a unique experience, but the captain and crew really made the trip special. Very attentive to the group, and the fun they have sailing this remarkable boat is infectious. Next time we’re coming back with the family.

We sailed on the Stars and Strips on Sunday afternoon and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure! The boat is regal and spotless. The crew was professional and friendly and it was one of the best 3-hours I have enjoyed for a long, long time. It is a marvelous outing for a group of friends, a corporate outing or a romantic date! I highly recommend it. Amazing sail, amazing scenery and amazing people!