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Stars & Stripes USA 11 releases 5 previously unpublished facts about its upcoming Team Building service launch.

Ahead of the launch of its new Team Building service, Stars & Stripes USA 11 is making public 5 unreleased facts about the service, set to go live 09-01-2018, which fans and consumers within the sailing tours space will find interesting…

The 5 items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating the Team Building service came about after America’s Cup racing yachts provide the perfect venue for team building and/company sailing charters; dividing team-members into groups to race one another. Stars & Stripes USA-11 and IL Moro ITA-sixteen each competed in the America’s Cup venue held here in San Diego in 1992….

The Team Building service has actually been in development for the last few years. Companies looking for a one-of-a-kind event will be part of a crew of 6 on each boat; beneath the supervision of the sailing crew. Team-building members will take the helm, make tactical choices, and grind the winches to trim the sails; with a collection of 3 races up and down San Diego Bay to see which group can make the claim of America’s Cup winners. Stars & Stripes USA-11 in joint collaboration with IL-Moro ITA-16 was exclusively introduced for companies looking for an exclusive and fun team building activity in San Diego. It is suited for all groups of people whether liking sailing or not. The ultimate objective of the Stars & Stripes USA-11 is to provide a one-of-a kind team building experience to people residing in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any visiting groups. In addition, this sailing race and charter is open for people looking for fun group activities to do around San Diego, company outing ideas, and any company or group looking to build employees bonds or just have fun with the family. Through this program the guests can develop a skill on how to manage and sail the racing yachts in an effective manner. The crew of Stars & Stripes USA 11 promises a fascinating experience for the guests involved in the racing competition. This team-building or corporate charter activity includes; witnessing exotic varieties of birds flocking, to sea lions, dolphins and other marine life cruising around the San Diego bay. Vital historical information with respect to the America’s Cup will be briefed by one of the crew member before commencement of the race, along with other historic details of the famous San Diego Bay. It is indisputably a rewarding activity for the participants and should be definitely included in any company’s team-building arsenal. The Stars & Stripes USA 11 of San Diego has received raving reviews; which a few can be seen here:

“All I can say is WOW!!!! I planned a trip online for my boss, co-workers and myself (7 of us) using only the website and a few emailed questions back and forth. You can only imagine the stress that the unknown has when planning a type of excursion such as this. All of my concerns were for nothing!!! EVERYONE had a wonderful time and has thanked me continuously since our trip…”

“Excellent team-building fun – what a great way to see the bay” My team of operations managers and I signed up for a 4-hour cruise on the Stars and Stripes 11 – sailboat in San Diego. We were all new to the sailboat experience and had an amazing time. The sailboat and crew were incredible! We were offered the opportunity to work with the crew as little or as much as we wanted. Each member of our party was able to steer the sailboat throughout the cruise…”

Stars & Stripes USA 11 almost wasn’t able to bring the Team Building service to see the light of day, however when ILL-Moro-sixteen was purchased by Lynn Hannah and his partner, the team-building services were born. Each team-member will have the opportunity to practice different areas of responsibility; at the helm, manning a winch or handling a line and hoisting the sails. Through this program, sailors can develop their leadership skills, while Improving communication, Enhancing emotional intelligence, Crisis management and conflict resolution, Problem solving and allows teams to celebrate in the thrill of competition. The racing yacht offers an amazing opportunity for people to witness the natural beauty of the San Diego bay. The Corporate team building sail is all about getting employees or clients to work together towards a common goal. This could be the best team building activity around and it is an excellent achievement of business goals.. The advantages of taking part in this racing competition are as follows:

-Improves communication skills

-Amplifying emotional intelligence

-Problem solving abilities at times of crisis situations

-Ability to cope with various climatic conditions

-Establishing new relationships

-Enhanced productivity

-Defeating barriers and obstacles

-Creating a brand new team.

The Team Building service will be released as part of Stars & Stripes USA 11’s greater plans to it’s Corporate team building sail is all about getting employees or clients to work together towards a common goal.

Stars & Stripes USA 11 got it’s start when Founder Lynn Hannah noticed a growing need for Team Building activities around San Diego; which has become a great way to reduce employee stress, increase productivity and promote creativity in a business or group. With 28 years prior experience in the sailing tours world, Lynn Hannah decided to go ahead and start in 2003.

Lynn Hannah is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like send videos and high quality images of the sailing charter and each team-building exercise, and also mixing in a bit of history of the America’s Cup and San Diego Bay.

Stars & Stripes USA 11’s Team Building activity is set to launch 09-01-2018. To find out more about Stars & Stripes USA 11 and the new service, it’s possible to visit https://sailusa11.com/

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