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Cabrillo National Monument Point Loma, San Diego CA

San Diego offers a beautiful balance of natural and developed attractions to satisfy the local and world traveler. One of my favorite things to do is visit Cabrillo National Monument.


Located in Point Loma San Diego, this National Park sits at the end of a peninsula on a high perch, 422 feet above sea level and offers astounding views of the San Diego skyline, San Diego Bay and the blue Pacific Ocean. Hiking trails twist through 660 acres of coastal habitat, so it’s easy to go out on your own for even more panoramic beauty.

Standing on the point of land some 422 feet above the entrance to San Diego Bay take a look down and you will have a view of Ballast Point. Ballast Point now has a beer named after that spit of land. This is the place where Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo first landed on the west coast of the United States in 1542. The history of his incredible “Voyage of Discovery” is told through a variety of displays and exhibits at the Cabrillo National Monument. A large statue dedicated to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. Also located there is the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, built in 1858, great tour.

When standing at the tip of Point Loma you will be provided an incredible views out over San Diego Bay, the Pacific Ocean and beyond. You also might see an active Navy submarine, and you could watch whales offshore during migration season. On a clear day, especially during our winter months I have been able to see old “Grayback” Mountain located on the backside of Palm Springs, some 60 miles away!

I also enjoy looking at the many marinas down below. One marina, Kona Kai Marina is the closest public marina to Cabrillo Monument. Mega yachts are parked in that marina. Next to the mega yachts is one very tall masted sailboat. Maybe you’ll be able to pick it out from the rest. That sailboat is the famous Stars and Stripes USA11, a retired America’s Cup race boat. Believe it or not, you can go out on that famous race boat because it is now being used as a charter boat. That brings me to another best thing to do in San Diego, sailing on Stars & Stripes USA11. You will sail San Diego Bay at twice the speed of other sailboats. It’s a great way to tour San Diego Bay! San Diego’s most unusual and unique experience, Stars & Stripes USA 11 has been in business for 13 years. Once aboard Stars and Stripes USA11, not only are you allowed to steer the boat, you are also welcome to help trim the sails by grinding the winches. Or you might want to sit back and enjoy the ride and view! This is not your average San Diego sailboat charter business, it’s the best that San Diego has to offer. sailusa11.com. By the way that tall mast is eleven stories high and the boat is seventy-eight feet long! Stars and Stripes USA 11 was designed and built to sail San Diego’s light to moderate winds. A very unique and wonderful experience, I highly recommend this sailing San Diego experience!

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