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thank you very much for a fantastic sailing experience during my recent trip to San Diego. I’ve told several of my sailing friends about the fun we had and they’ve added it to their “bucket list” as well. Thanks again and I’ll definitely book another trip with you and your crew the next time I’m in San Diego! We sailed all afternoon at 10+ knots!!!

I had never ridden a sailboat before, so I took a cruise on San Diego Bay aboard the USA-11. The crew allowed the passengers to assist with the sailing, or to just sit back and enjoy the tack’n’jibing through the scenic harbor waters. I didn’t realize just how lucky I was until I got back home and told the story to friends and coworkers that own sailboats. Quoting one friend – “I am dripping with envy! I have a 16′ sailboat. In my dreams I’d get on a boat like that, even for a three hour cruise!”

This past weekend I had the opportunity to sail aboard the USA11. It was an amazing experience. The boat was beautiful, weather was gorgeous, and the crew was fantastic. I actually had never been a sailboat and the crew went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. They also explained a lot about the logistics about sailing and allowed everyone on board to be a part of the crew if they wanted to participated. Major thumbs up!

For sailors: No sitting on your butt. Get up and grind! If you’re a fan of sailing, this is an experience on par with (if not better than) sailing a 12 Meter. The 12 Meters may get all the play but the IACC boats are the next generation and are bigger and better (with some notable exceptions like the Australian boat). USA-11 has been beefed up to comply with coast guard regs for a charter vessel but it’s definitely still a thoroughbred and getting your hands dirty by helping with the sailing really shows you why the AC teams had to employ some serious athletes. For the truly hard core sailors, know that the boat is prevented from sailing under spinnaker on charter because of Coast Guard Rules.

For non-sailors: Get ready for a fun ride. Sit back and watch for a while and then decide if you want to get in on the sailing action. If you choose not to, there’s plenty to see from the wildlife in the Bay (ranges from sea lions and seals to the occasional whale), the other sailboats, and the impressive Navy ships all around. The boat heels (tilts a bit) with the wind but it’s totally safe so find a seat and enjoy the ride!


Our sail on the America’s Cup, “Stars and Stripes” exceeded our expectations. The weather was perfect with wind that got us up to 12.2 knots! The friendly and knowledgable crew allowed us to participate in the operation of jibes and tacks. The fun really began when we encountered the sister ship “Abracadaba” and challenged her to a race.
Like all good things, the three hour cruise ended too soon.
We’ll definitely do it again.


We had been in San Diego for the 1995 America’s Cup and are avid racing sailors from Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario. When looking for things to do on Trip Advisor, we noticed this attraction and the many favourable comments.

We really enjoyed the opportunity to have a hands-on experience sailing one of these great boats. Ther crew were wonderful and we even met a fellow Canadian crew member!

The sail would be great for anyone who likes boats and the water.


A group of friends and I booked SAIL USA in August of this year. We sailed on the Stars and Stripes, Dennis Connor’s America’s Cup boat. It was truly a great experience. The crew was friendly, relaxed and made us feel welcome. We were so welcome, that we got to help hoist the sails, man the cranks for the jib and give S&S a steer. We had excellent weather during San Diego’s chilly summer and the wind gave us a great ride. Our excursion took us around San Diego bay, allowing us to get a great tour of the place and watch all the US Navy ships buzzing about. The only regret we had was that we couldn’t exit the bay and get the spinnaker going! The wind was perfect for that. Next time we’ll arrange for a private outing. I can highly recommend the crew. The price was right, the weather was great, the experience unique and the crew very professional. I can highly recommend this to anyone who wants a unique San Diego outing. My only tip is that you give yourself enough time to arrive in time to make the boat. The Marina can be difficult to find if you don’t know your way around the area. Failing that, call Marnie and have her give you the scoop.

Sailing USA-11 is a fantastic way to experience San Diego from the water. We were able to help the crew in all major tasks to sail the boat and we were even allowed to steer the ship in several maneuvers. The crew was all just so friendly and we had some great talks with them. This was by far one of the best activities we have done on our trip down the west coast.

If you are visiting San Diego put this on the top of your list!! Our family had an exhilirating time sailing with Lynn & his crew. They took the time to give the kids a real hands on experience- which they loved!! There is no experience that comes close to the thrill & awe you will feel for 3 solid hours!!


A high-speed, open-water racer of a ride you’ll never forget! The crew was fantastic; professional but very friendly, allowing passengers to do as much or as little as desired. Captain Lynn makes sure everyone gets to take the helm and offers tatical guidance plus information about the wealth of interesting sights (not to mention some “insider info” on the sailing community). Even grinding the winches was fun, and our teenagers not only got into it but enjoyed talking about sailing with the crew. No better way to see SD than from the water and this is the way to do it. Cannot say enough about the super crew and their friendly ways. What a thrill!

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"The only Sailing Charter in San Diego to Consider"

“Fastest sailboat in San Diego Bay, opportunity to be part of the crew, sailing was more like gliding like a pelican across the ocean. Sailing Tour would not be by main choice, however after experiencing this sailing crew on the Stars $ Stripes USA 11 – I felt like I was one of the crew instantly. Exhilarating, Fast, Beautiful, with a dose of San Diego Bay’s history sums it all up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECK THIS OUT – SAILOR OR NON-SAILOR!”