We booked a team building event on the Stars & Stripes and it was fantastic! Lynn & Bee are such sweet awesome people and they and their crew gave us such a wonderful experience. First Bee gave a great presentation of the history of the America’s Cup, which was very interesting and informative. Then after we set sail, everyone in our group worked together sailing the boat, from grinding the gears, winching the sails and even actually steering the boat! A very hands on experience. The boat was very smooth and not rocky at all, so no need to worry about getting seasick or wet. Bee took great pictures and video the whole time, and watching them back in the office was a lot of fun for everyone. She sent the link so others at my company could see as well. People at my work are still talking about it. I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to have a fun and unique experience in San Diego!”

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We sail out from port with the Crew (all of them very gentle and warm) and we sail throw the bay with this amazing sailboat that is part of the sailing history…
They let us to take stearing and do a lot of things.
After that we came back to see the pictures that they took (for free)…
just AMAZING!!!

This was the best trip I have ever done anywhere, without a doubt, simple as that. It doesn’t come any better than getting to spend 3 hours and helm and help sail an Ameica’s Cup yacht if you are into sailing.The whole crew are really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful people. I’d come back to San Diego again just to go back out on Stars and Stripes. Snacks, drinks and photos are included as well which is a bonus. It was a great experience and I can’t recommend it highly enough.