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Fun Group Outing Ideas in San Diego 2019

Since 1769, San Diego has been of America’s most beautiful and culturally rich cities, and has a large amount of attractions and things to do. With amazing experiences from state parks and beaches to the world famous San Diego Zoo, this great city has many things for you and your travel group to enjoy. While you’re here, you may get to enjoy a taste or two of the unique cultures San Diego has to offer you and your travel companions. Here are some company outing ideas in San Diego.


  1) Museums


San Diego offers a lot of Museums, such as the San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Natural History Museum, the San Diego Air and Space Museum and many more. There is something for everyone in these unique places, from the young to the young at heart everyone will enjoy learning about San Diego’s long and exciting history and the genuine culture that has formed there. Visit the USS Midway Museum and the Maritime Museum to learn about the history that San Diego has with sailing, boating, fishing, and the boats indiginous to the area. 


   2) Sailing


Sailing in San Diego is very popular, with many Yacht clubs, sailing schools, and charters to visit and go on, Sailing is no doubt one of the most popular pastimes in this City. Many Sailing companies offer boat rentals, boat charters, and sailboat tours; so you can be a captain for a day, or book a private tour around the bay and enjoy a relaxing evening with your travel companions. While you’re out, you may get to catch a glimpse of a migrating whale or a dolphin traveling through these warm pacific waters. 


   3) Whale Watching


From December to April, many people from all over the continent visit this city for one thing: Whale Watching. In this chilly winter season, Grey whales migrate North towards Alaska to mate. During the off season from May to November, you can still enjoy Whale Watching as Humpback whales, Minke Whales, and Fin whales travel along the coast all year round. You may even catch a glimpse at a sea lion, or a dolphin while you’re exploring the Pacific coast. Anyone would enjoy going on a whale watching cruise while visiting San Diego, because you never know what you’ll see.


   4) Theaters


San Diego has an array of Theaters to go to, including the Old Globe Theater where you can enjoy many plays, recitals, and concerts. Each theater has a unique story behind it, and has its own atmosphere of wonder. You can sit and enjoy a Broadway style musical or a 15th century drama while quietly sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to see what happens next, and then leave with memories you and the people you’ve traveled with may never forget. You may laugh out loud, and you may cry some solemn tears, but you’ll never forget the experiences you’ve gained by visiting these theaters. This is one of the more sophisticated company outing ideas in San Diego.


   5) National, State, and Natural Parks


San Diego has as many if not more National and Natural Parks as it does Museums. Each National Park includes something unique, such as Sunset Cliffs Natural Parks will give you a view to a breathtaking Sunset or the Old Town San Diego State Historical Park will transport you back to when Europeans first arrived to this part of the country. Being out in the nature of California will inspire you to take better care of the earth we live on, and maybe take a little more time in your life to stop and smell the roses for a few minutes.


   6) Aquariums and Zoos


Animals lovers love San Diego for its world famous Zoo, the San Diego Zoo, but also for aquariums and other animal exhibits in the area. Visiting the San Diego Zoo will give any animal lover the experience to see animals that they’ve never seen before, and may never see again. The Birch Aquarium offers a large amount of marine life that will wow you and any children you have with you. No one gives an up close and personal look at some of the most exotic animals like San Diego Safari. These are some very fun group activities in San Diego, and you will not be disappointed with the Zoos and Aquariums this area has to offer. 


   7) Beaches


Everyone loves the beach right? With lots to choose from, you and your group can find something everyone will enjoy, whether is be shelling for unique sea shells, fishing to catch a big one, playing in the sand, or just working on your tan, these beaches have something for everyone and anyone. Walk along the white sands of Windansea beach, or catch a big wave at Tourmaline surfing park. Enjoy finding a hermit crab or sea star in a tide pool after the tide washes out. You certainly will not be disappointed with the beach’s San Diego has to offer.


   8) Restaurants


Along with the unique culture in San Diego, you can also find unique food here as well. You can experience fine cuisine, comfort food, and even culturally diverse food in this area. During San Diego Restaurant week, over 100 restaurants offer a tour for your taste buds as you take a culinary tour to some of the world’s best restaurants. Along the Gaslamp, you can find many restaurants that offer anything from sweet treats to fast food. Foodies from everywhere will enjoy the amazing tastes that you can find in San Diego’s Cali Baja cuisine, which uses locally grown produce and seafood that will leave you hungry for more.


   9) Shopping


You can enjoy finding couture fashion in San Diego’s Fashion Valley, or a knick knack or two to bring home to commemorate your visit to San Diego.  The fashion scene is one of a kind as you walk through Seaport Village to shop along the pacific coast. You can finally become as fashionable as you wish in the shopping malls and districts that are located in and around San Diego with cute and trendy boutiques and a plentiful amount of department stores. You and your friends or family will enjoy picking out a gift to bring home to remember this special city.


   10) Farmers Markets


San Diego has a vast amount of Farmers Markets for you to choose from that sources local farms and sells their produce, meats, seafood, and other items that the farmers have handmade. Opening early in the morning, this will give you and your group a great opportunity to get up and going by walking and seeing what things the farmer’s markets have to offer for you.  Whether you want farm fresh veggies to use for dinner one night or a great tasting homemade jam to bring home, these farmers markets have everything you need.


   11) Drive-In Movies


While there are only two in the area, you can enjoy a night at the movies with State of the art projectors and movies to watch daily, all from the comfort of your car. You can sit back with a bucket of popcorn or two and watch movies in San Diego’s mild average of 70 degrees. With an old timey feel, you and your companions can enjoy movies under the stars at the South Bay drive-in theater, which opened in 1958 and shows movies every day of the year. This is the perfect chance to make some memories you’ll remember fondly in years to come.


   12) Cultural Art


The cultural art in San Diego is absolutely unreal, and you can find it almost anywhere. From the street art on the walls to nonprofit organizations for cultural artists like San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance, the streets have become a colorful art exhibit that is sure to make anyone look twice, or want to take a picture to show their friends and family later. Going out and observing all of the cultural art that San Diego has to offer can be a great experience for everyone in your travel group. Be sure not to miss out on all the amazing cultural art that makes San Diego beautiful and totally unique.


   13) Water Parks


There are many water parks to visit in San Diego, most of which are on the coast near the beach. Everyone will have a thrilling day at one of these amazing locations that includes water rides, large water slides, and playgrounds where children can play safely and soundly with lifeguards on duty in most areas. Aquatica, inside of Seaworld, includes a wave pool, kid zone, and lots of fun rides. Going to one of these water parks would be a great thing to add to your vacation bucket list. Your whole group will enjoy what San Diego’s water parks have to offer.


   14) Art Exhibits


Art Exhibits in San Diego is a very common and popular thing, from Contemporary art to Photographic Art, there are many art exhibits to visit if you’re looking for a quiet day inside, or if it’s raining and you want to get in anything you can before you head home and leave this amazing city. Perhaps you want to see some folk art, then Mingei International Museum is perfect for you and your crew to visit. Opening in 1978, Mingei International Museum is non-profit and conserves folk art, design and craft. You definitely won’t see anything like this at home.


   15) City Tours


On your visit, you may want to take a tour around the city. Thankfully, there are many Tour companies that take you around the city and gives you many fun facts about this great city. Tours like The San Diego Highlights Tour and The San Diego Tour take you to many of the city’s highlights, landmarks, beaches, and treats you well and like family. While you’re visiting San Diego, consider taking your group on a tour of the city to see all of the sights, and get picture opportunities to bring home and cherish forever as you remember this stunning city fondly.


No matter why you’re in San Diego, whether on Vacation, Business, or if you live here, you can always find something amazing to do that will make you want to come back and do it again. This city is so full of excitement, wonder, culture, and amazement it is like no other city in America. I hope you’ve gotten some fun group activities in San Diego.


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