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What to Know Regarding America’s Cup Boat Tours, Sailing Charters, Group Sailing Events, and our Famous Team-Building Activities. 


Is this "THE" Stars & Stripes that won the America's Cup?

The short answer is that our boat is ONE of several America’s Cup racing yachts named Stars & Stripes that were used by Team Dennis Conner while competing in America’s Cup events.  Our Stars & Stripes also known as USA-11, competed in the event held in San Diego in 1992.  In 1987, Dennis Conner won the America’s Cup back from Australia with a 12 meter yacht named Stars & Stripes US-55.   USA-11 is an International America’s Cup Class yacht that was designed to be sailed in the moderate winds of San Diego.  USA-11 is larger and has twice the sail area of the 12 meter US-55.  The 28th America’s Cup was contested between the winner of the 1992 Citizen Cup defender selection series, America³, and the winner of the 1992 Louis Vuitton Cup challenger selection series, Il Moro di Venezia.

How is your Sailing Tour different from the other charters?

Stars & Stripes Sailing is an authentic racing yacht and is the fastest and most famous sailboat in San Diego; if not the world. Our Sailing excusrions are interactive and exciting sailing adventures aboard a true racing yacht. Grind the winches to help raise and trim the sails, take your turn at the helm, or just hang on as you zip around San Diego Bay at twice the speed of the average sailboat. Check out what 900 plus other people have to say about our San Diego Sailing Tour Reviews.

How big is the Stars & Stripes?

The strictly racing yacht is 78 feet long with a beam of 17 feet, a mast 115 feet tall, and a 40,000 pound keel 13 feet below water line. She has been restored to pristine condition with carbon fiber sails from modern day racers.

How many people can fit on the Stars & Stripes?

We can accomodate up to 22 guests. Children MUST be accompanied by a parent. The Stars & Stripes Sailing experience is generally accompanied by a crew of 6 other seasoned sailors. See our sailing crew page for more info.

*Not recommended for child aged 5 and under*

What can we expect with this Sailing Charter?

Each guest will be encouraged to take a turn at the helm and everyone will see what it’s like to crew aboard an authentic America’s Cup Racing Yacht. If interested, guests may join in grinding the winches to raise and trim the sails. Water, soft drinks, and light snacks are included. Photos and videos are taken during the sail for immediate viewing after the sail along with complimentary refreshments. The photos are uploaded overnight for free online viewing and downloads. Conveniently located at the beautiful Kona Kai Resort and Marina on Shelter Island with plenty of free parking. Souvenir shirts, caps, wind breakers and jackets are available for purchase in the office. An America’s Cup history is presented 30 minutes prior to each sail. After the sail, complimentary refreshments are served while viewing the days activities on our flat screen TV.

Is There A Bathroom Aboard?

Yes, there is a bathroom, a marine head below deck, basically used for urgent use. The head is accessible able bodied guests.


All info regarding parking will be sent via email upon purchasing your ticket. Free parking on the street, public parking lot, or the marina’s parking lot. Valet parking is available at front of the Kona Kai Resort.

What Time Should We Arrive?

Please allow plenty of time for traffic and parking. Be sure to check in at our office 15 minutes prior to the sail. Or you could contact us by phone 15 prior to check in, and meet us at the dock next to the boat.

Our boat leaves the dock promptly at the time listed on your reservation. If you are running late, please give us a courtesy call BEFORE your scheduled boarding time. If you do not, the boat may leave without you.

Do you have Any Sailing Charter Reviews?

YES!  Please take a look at the links below for access to over 1,200 of our Reviews!

How long will the Sailing Tour Last?
  • America’s Cup history presentation
  • 3-hour sail
  • Beverages, bottled water, light snacks
  • Complimentary photos & videos of the sailing tour will be available as well.
What else will we experience or get to see?
  • Photos and videos are taken during the sail for immediate viewing after the sail along with complimentary refreshments.
  • Souvenir shirts, caps, wind breakers and jackets are available for purchase in the office.
  • An America’s Cup history is presented 30 minutes prior to each sail.
  • It will not be unusaul to see Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Porpoises
  • USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, Beautiful Views of downtown San Diego, the Star of India (the World’s oldest active sailing ship).
Does your Sailing Tour Stay inside San Diego Bay?

Yes, Sailing on the Stars & Stripes is meant to enjoy the sceneray of San Diego Bay and all of its history and current attractions. We may consider ocean sails for private events.

Private Sails

What is a Private Sailing Tour Exactly?
  • Each guest will be given the opportunity to take the helm, grind the winches, or just hang on and enjoy the scenery.
  • Water, soft drinks and photos are all included.
  • If interested, we offer an America’s Cup history presentation 30 minutes prior to the sail in our office.
  • Immediately after the sail, the photos and videos are available for viewing while enjoying refreshments.
  • The pictures will be uploaded overnight into Google Albums with a link sent the following day.
  • The total cost for a private 3 hour sail is $1,500 for up to 15 guests.  Each additional guest is $100 up to a maximum of 24.
  • You can choose your time frame and a 50% deposit (refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the sail) is required for confirmation.
  • Final payment can be made after the sail.
  • We are located at the beautiful Kona Kai Resort with meeting rooms, restaurant and complimentary valet parking.
  • It would be best to contact us or give us a call:  (619) 255-4705 for more detailed information regarding private sailing charters; Fill out the contact form by clicking here.
  • Please contanct us so we can learn exactly what your groups are looking for.
  • You can visist our Private Sailing Charters page at this link: https://sailusa11.com/private-sails/

Team Building Sailing

What can be expected for Corporate or Private Team Building Activities?

Our authentic America’s Cup racing yachts provide the perfect venue for dividing your guests into groups to race one another.  Stars & Stripes USA-11 and IL Moro ITA-16 both competed in the America’s Cup venue held here in San Diego in 1992.  Your guests will join our crew of 6 on each boat to form a team to get the maximum performance out of each racing yacht.  Under the supervision of our crew, your team members will take the helm, make tactical decisions, and grind the winches to trim the sails.  We will have a series of 3 races up and down San Diego Bay to see which team can make the claim of America’s Cup winners.  Prior to the sail, we will provide a brief history of the America’s Cup and details of each boat.  During the sail, a photographer will be on board each boat to document all the action for immediate viewing afterward in our club house.  The photos and videos will also be uploaded to Google Albums for later viewing online.  The price for both boats for the 3 hours on the water is $3,600.  Water, soft drinks, light snacks, beer and wine are all included.  There are no additional taxes or fees and crew gratuity will be at your discretion.  At this time, Thursday, May 3rd is available and all we require for confirmation is a 50% deposit that is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the sail.  You can choose your time frame, but recommend early afternoon for optimal wind conditions.  Links to videos of a recent race follow:  IL Moro leading Stars & Stripes. Stars & Stripes catching up.  Grinding the winches.  Just let me know if you need anything else.

  • It would be best to contact us or give us a call:  (619) 255-4705 for more detailed information regarding private sailing charters; Fill out the contact form by clicking here.
  • Please contact us so we can learn exactly what your groups are looking for.

How do we Book our Sailing Tour

How do we book your Sailing Tour?
Do You Offer Gift Cards?
What Are Your Payment Options?

book sailing tour

Do You Have a Sailing Tour Blog?

Yes we try and share as many sailing stories and tour stories as possible. You can view our blog here.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?
 If you must cancel less than 24 hrs before your trip please understand that we have probably turned other guests away while holding your spot so no credits or refunds will be issued. Please call us as soon as you know you need to cancel and we can usually work something out.
We will cancel trips the day of the trip if the weather is bad and you will receive the choice to move your reservation to a better day or receive a full refund.
We accept same day cancellations due to heavy rain, lack of visibility or winds in excess of 15 knots.
Additionally, we are happy to provide you with a gift certificate that can be transferred to anyone and has no expiration date. So you never lose the value of a trip.
Private Charter Cancellations?

A Private Charter cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to date of sail will receive a full refund.

Other General Questions about our Sailing Tour

What Clothes Should We Bring?

Dressing in layers is a good idea as San Diego’s temperature can vary by time of day. It’s typically somewhat breezy in afternoon, with plenty of sunshine.  Make sure to bring a sweatshirt and/or jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, along with comfortable, light soled non-slip shoes (no high heels or black bottom shoes of any type, please!). Barefoot onboard is better than flipflops.

What About Food/Drinks Aboard?

We supply water, soda and light snacks (peanuts, pretzels)l included at no charge. Our boat is a race boat, not a booze cruise! We are NOT supplying booze during the charter. The Kona Kai Resort has a bar and is a 1 minute walk to our boat. We recommend that you bring your own alcoholic beverages; again we are not a booze cruise charter.

What About Seasickness?

We stay within the calm waters of San Diego Bay.  However, USCG allows us to “poke our nose” out in the ocean to bouy #5, about a mile offshore. If you’re prone to seasickness you can always pick up an over-the-counter medicine at any drug store, such as Bonine. Take at least 2 hours prior to departure.

Will we have the boat to ourselves or will there be others sailing with us?

If you want to have the boat to yourselves, you may book a PRIVATE SAIL

Has anyone ever fallen overboard?

No, not in our 12 years of business.  Stars & Stripes USA-11 is a very smooth sailing vessel.

Are your boats Handicap Accessible?

Some levels of disability can be accommodated so please call us to discuss your needs prior to making a reservation. We’ll try our very best to help you. However we are not able to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs.

Are There Any Age Restrictions?

Yes. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed.

Is Smoking Allowed?


What About Bad Weather And Cancellations?

Our sails generally run in light rain and other moderate weather situations, but if you decide at the dock that the weather is just too cold or too wet and windy, we can reschedule or offer you a complete refund. We will only cancel due to severe or unsafe weather conditions (very rare in San Diego) and will, of course, offer you the chance to reschedule.

Can We Bring Our Dog?

No. This includes Therapy & Service Dogs.

Will My Gift Certificate Expire?


How do I know what days are available?

You can easily view our sailing tour availability on our website calendar. Or, you send us the days YOU prefer to sail, as we do our best to accommodate you.

Are there any additionally charges - booking fees or taxes??

No. There are NO hidden fees or taxes. Our price includes everything, including photos/videos, light snacks and drinks, parking.

Do you have an office?

Yes. We are in the office before and after each sail. Our office is located near the Kona Kai Marina Office, on the walkway along the boats in their slips.

How long does a sail usually take?

Our sails are usually 3 hours.

What will I see on our cruise?
We always see Sea Lions, Pelicans and Gulls, and Dolphins are quite frequent playing in the bay.
What should I wear to go sailing?

This depends on the time of year we are sailing. Summer is hot, and Winter is much cooler. We always send a list of what to wear, what to bring, and what not to bring along with every confirmation we send out. We suggest dressing in layers (T-shirt, sweatshirt, wind jacket is the minimum of what we’d suggest, long pants or wind pants are recommended in winter. Any extra warm clothes can be kept down below inside the boat if you don’t use them. Hats that can be tied on are also good.

Please wear soft-light soled shoes such as tennis shoes or sneakers; No black bottom shoes, heels or cowboy boots, which can become slippery on the wet decks. Try to wear shoes that are non-marking (white or light soles sneakers preferred) Also, don’t forget your cameras & sunscreen!

For winter trips dress warmly. We recommend a warm jacket, gloves and a hat that doesn’t come off easily. You can also wear long underwear and or wind-pants if you get cold easily. Remember it will be cooler on the water than on the land because of the wind.

What if the weather goes bad and we can't sail?

We will cancel trips the day of the trip if the weather is bad or high winds and you will receive the choice to move your reservation to a better day or receive a full refund.

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