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Check out the Famous Sailboat You Can Charter to Sail San Diego Bay

Yes, sailing and boating is already fun, but would it not be better knowing you are on an infamous boat/yacht? One that that has been around and raced for decades? I think so – but read for yourself!

What is it and why is it famous?

This specific sailboat is called Stars & Stripes USA-11. Now, this boat/yacht was awarded the first America’s Cup trophy winner – on August 22nd, 1974. 

The history of the boat/yacht (called America) began with five individuals in the New York Yacht Club. These individuals decided they wanted to build a “state-of-the-art” schooner (a sailing ship with two or more masts) in order to compete against British ships in co-occurrence with England’s Great Exposition of 1851. 

In June 1851, the individuals set sail from New York City’s East River to England. The man that had the role of captain was called Captain William H. Brown and he had a crew of eight. They crossed the Atlantic in just three weeks. 

Finally, on August 22nd, triumphed in the fifty-three-mile race. Queen Victoria watched from her royal yacht and, after seeing America come over the horizon, she asked her attendant, “What is second?” And he replied, “Your Majesty, there is no second.” As in, there is no second-place prize. 

Within ten days after the victory the America was sold to an Irish lord for twenty-five thousand dollars. 

But the America’s Cup racing continued regularly.

In the 1970s, a man called Dennis Conner had been twice defending the America’s Cup trophy. In 1987 he built four boats and called them all Stars & Stripes. He began taking on crew members and they tested the boats one by one. Then he was left with one and called it Stars & Stripes USA-11. 

Conner raced with this boat for fifty-three days until the challenger was defeated. Now, the Stars & Stripes USA-11 remains in San Diego, where it last raced (and won in 1992) with Dennis Conner, and you can hop aboard! 

See for yourself on the website – https://sailusa11.com/ – where you will learn all about Stars & Stripes USA-11 sailing San Diego.

Is it limited access? Does it cost more?

Nope and nope! If you decide on a public charter it will be $125 per adult and $75 per child (ages five to eighteen). Just like any other public boat/yacht! 

And, if you are thinking you want a private charter, it is a minimum of $1,500. Again, just like any other private boat/yacht – You can also fit up to twenty-four people aboard. 

Is it really better than other sailboats?

Well, if you do not want to take my word for it, take a multitude of reviews left on Tripadvisor. (I sourced the reference link in the italicized font, if you want to look yourself); 

Great time, lots of fun! We reserved some time with the Stars and Stripes crew for a sailing tour of the San Diego bay. It’s hard to find activities that can accommodate a large group (17 people) but this was perfect! Everyone got the chance to steer the boat and crank in the lines. The boat was really impressive and felt spacious and safe…” 

The Best .period. Exclamation Points !!!!!Truly awesome, a very enjoyable adventure & tour. Everybody gets to help crew the boat as much as they want, or not at all. The ride is a forever experience, the crew was as much a tour guide as a sailing tutor, no matter what your degree of knowledge was of either. Way more fun than some ‘sit on your hands harbor tour’. Have already recommended this to friends and family and would love to do this again on my return to San Diego. Thanks USA-11.” 

Best adventure activity in San Diego. This is the best adventure experience in San Diego. Well worth your time. San Diego, the home of Dennis Conner and port of call for two America’s Cup races, has this amazing boat from the 1992 campaign. The boat is big, impressive, and staffed with first class sailors. The bay tour is extensive and a lot of fun.” 

AWESOME!!!!  This is the best thing to do for sailing in San Diego. Did a private charter one summer and it was nowhere near as good as this was. The hosts are wonderful and tell you a lot about the America’s Cup, along with taking pictures aboard and they are included. It was a great day!!!” 

So, if you will not take it from me, take it from these reviewers that loved being able to sail San Diego water on the Stars & Stripes USA-11. 

What time of year am I able to charter it?

Anytime – America’s Cup Sailing San Diego offers both summer and winter sailing tours! 

Just remember that if you go on a summer sail then you may want to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a light sweater and/or jacket, and sneakers or rubber-soled shoes.

If you go on a winter sail then you will still want the sunglasses, sunscreen – you can still burn if it is cloudy! Wear sunscreen! – and sneakers or rubber-soled shoes. You will probably also want and/or need a warm jacket (dress in layers), long pants, and warm socks! A hat or something to cover up your ears would probably help a lot, especially if you get cold rather quickly. 

Do keep in mind that you will be out on the boat/yacht for three whole hours – whether you are sailing publicly or privately… So, do dress accordingly! 

I am interested, who do I contact?

In order to charter a boat/yacht, visit this website and contact them there – https://sailusa11.com/. 

If you do not wish to message and/or email them then you can call! America’s Cup Sailing San Diego’s customer support number is (619) 255-4705. 

And, if you cannot seem to find the place – the address is 1551 Shelter Island Drive San Diego, CA 92106. 

They are open every single day from nine in the morning to six in the evening.

Have a blast on the Stars & Stripes USA-11and hang on tight!