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Corporate Sailing Charters

Stars & Stripes USA-11 and IL Moro ITA-16 provide an unforgettable experience for Corporate Sailing Charters or Private Sailing Charters with thrilling sailing races around San Diego Bay!

Stars and Stripes USA-11 is a renowned boat tour agency based in San Diego, California. It is one of America’s top rated and reliable racing yachts that offers an ideal activity for team building and corporate sailing charters. The teams are divided into separate groups in order to compete against each other. The boat tour agency promises an exhilarating boat racing experience for the participants along with a unique team building activity. Stars and Stripes USA-11 raced against their competitor IL Moro ITA-16 in the America’s Cup event hosted by San Diego back in the year 1992.

The company introduced the competition to cater to companies or parties that would like a private charter or one-of-a-kind company event. Below are some of our reviews from previous sailors who experienced this private sailing charter thru san diego.

Fabulous experience – Fantastic staff

We arranged for a private charter for our company’s annual meeting. Lynn, Bee and the rest of the staff were professional, informative and fun! Everyone on Stars & Stripes were eager to answer anyone’s questions; point out places of interest and give a history to everything!

The sail was fabulous! Beautiful weather, a wonderful boat! I can’t rave enough about the wonderful time we all had. I highly recommend Stars & Stripes USA-11 to anyone and everyone who travels to San Diego. I can’t wait to go back and do it again!

Awesome experience for private group!

From the first call I had with Captain Lynn to set up a private outing, he was so helpful and easy to work with. I was planning this from out of town and he made it all very easy. They took photos throughout the trip and shared them with us all for no extra cost, and they turned out beautifully. Our whole group of 24 had a wonderful time and really enjoyed getting a chance to help sail the boat. We went by a navy base where we got to watch them training dolphins which was really cool. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a unique group outing or client appreciation event! Thanks Lynn for everything!

This is the best thing to do in San Diego !!!

We arranged for a private charter with Capt. Lynn Hanna aboard the Stars & Stripes USA-11 last Wednesday, May 16th. It was an absolutely perfect day for sailing San Diego harbor, with sunny skies and 10 to 15 knots of wind. The boat is a pristine America’s Cup race boat, sailed by Dennis Conner himself in the America’s Cup in 1992. Everything about the boat was in perfect condition, and the crew was helpful, friendly, and very professional. Everyone on the boat got to participate as much or as little as they wished, and as sailing adventures go, I would have to say that this one cannot be beaten. We traveled the entire length of the harbor over the course of about 3 hours, and each member of the crew were able to fill us in on points of interest all along the waterfront. This is truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience not to be missed when visiting San Diego. I would recommend it to anyone, young or old, as you can participate to any level you wish, from not lifting a finger to “grinding” the main sail all the way up the mast, and driving the boat ! Go !!!

The price for both boats is $3,600 for 30 guests for the 3 hours on the water.  Water, soft drinks and photos are all included. There are no additional taxes or fees and crew gratuity will be at your discretion. All we require for confirmation is a 50% deposit that is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the sail. You can choose your time frame, but recommend early afternoon for optimal wind conditions. Links to videos of a recent race follow: IL Moro leading Stars & Stripes. Stars & Stripes catching up. Grinding the winches.


Call Lynn Hanna at (619)255-4705 or use our Contact Form to book your Corporate or Private Sailing Charter.

About Stars & Stripes USA-11

Stars & Stripes USA-11 is ONE of several America’s Cup racing yachts named Stars & Stripes that were used by Team Dennis Conner while competing in America’s Cup events.  Our Stars & Stripes also known as USA-11, competed in the event held in San Diego in 1992.  In 1987, Dennis Conner won the America’s Cup back from Australia with a 12 meter yacht named Stars & Stripes US-55.  She raced in the US Virgin Islands and San Francisco before returning home to San Diego in 2006.

  • Every guest taking a turn at the helm
  • Rotation through all crew positions
  • Time trials between teams
  • Team apparel – Jackets, Polo shirts, T-shirts and Caps
  • Celebrate afterwards in our office, watching photos & videos

USA-11 is an International America’s Cup Class yacht that was designed to be sailed in the moderate winds of San Diego.  USA-11 is larger and has twice the sail area of the 12 meter US-55.  The 28th America’s Cup was contested between the winner of the 1992 Citizen Cup defender selection series, America³, and the winner of the 1992 Louis Vuitton Cup challenger selection series, Il Moro di Venezia. Click for more info.

About IL Moro ITA-16

“Raul Gardini was born at Ravenna in 1933 the North of Italy and started sailing when he was 12. He rose from a middle-class background to become the head of the Ferruzzi Group, a $30-billion agricultural, chemical and financial empire founded by his wife’s father.” More info here.

Il Moro di Venezia I (sail number ITA 01), launched in Venice ‘s March 11 1990
Il Moro di Venezia II (sail number ITA 07), launched in Puerto Portals on August 7 1990
Il Moro di Venezia III (sail number ITA 15), launched in San Diego on April 15 1991
Il Moro di Venezia IV (sail number ITA 16), launched in San Diego on June 15 1991
Il Moro di Venezia V (sail number ITA 25), launched in San Diego on December 16 1991

The boat was purchased by a group in California, shipped to Port Hueneme and taken to Ventura Harbor Boat Yard. The boat spent several years in Ventura and was sold to Steve Pattison and Mark Niblack of Carbon Performance Sailing, LLC. Their company owns the 1992 America’s Cup yacht Stars & Stripes (USA-11) and charters it in San Diego as well as racing it in local races. Carbon Performance Sailing does business as SAIL USA-11 and TEAM USA-11 and can be found on the web at www.sailusa11.com

San Diego's Top Corporate & Private Sailing Charters

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Private Sailing Charter Rules


Guests are requested to join the crew comprising of six members in order to create a team and exhibit their skills at each racing yacht. This process is executed as part of the team building activity. Once everything is set, the team members are given responsibility to tack back and forth, and handle the sailboat as a true sailing team; supervised by the crew. They are supposed to execute diligent and strategic decisions while handling the wheel. The team building activity is very helpful for each member of a team to develop leadership skills.

The boat racing competition comprises of three races covering San Diego Bay. It is to done to determine which team has the potential to lift the America Cup. Before commencement of the sail, a guide would furnish an overview about the history of America’s Cup. During course of the race, a photographer will accompany the team to capture the memorable moments in his camera. Later the video is viewed at the clubhouse of Stars and Stripes USA-11. It is definitely one of the fun group activities San Diego since the images are uploaded to the Google albums.

If you wish to schedule your race on a particular date, then browse through the website calendar. The office of Stars and Stripes USA-11 is conveniently located at Kona Kai Marina Office. The total time taken to cover the entire racing competition is about three hours.


Price and food

The estimated price of both boats is about three-thousand six hundred dollars with a total duration of three hours sailing on water.  There are no additional tax or fees. The crew gratuity is purely based on the discretion of the participants. Only 50% refundable deposit is required two weeks prior to the sail. The participants can schedule their time. However, it is suggested early afternoon owing to favorable climatic conditions.

The guests are requested to dress up in layers owing to variations in temperature at San Diego. The climate is supposed to be breezy in the afternoon with ample sunshine. Do not forget to carry essentials such as jacket, sunscreen, sweat shirt, hats and sunglasses. It is also better to wear light-soled non-slip footwear. It is recommended bare foot instead of flip-flops.   A private sail is also available if you wish to sail on your own. The participants do not have to fear about falling from on board since Stars and Stripes USA-11 is considered to be a smooth sailing vessel.   It is difficult to accommodate individuals in wheel chairs. The children aged below five are not permitted to take part in this racing activity due to safety concerns.

Cancellation policy

The sails are normally operated in moderate winds/climatic conditions. If the guest feels that it is too complicated to cope with harsh climatic conditions, they should immediately inform to the crew. They would in turn re-schedule the timings with an option to claim for a full refund. The cancellation is subjected to poor climatic conditions. However such circumstances are very rare. The re-scheduling option can be availed by the guests at any point of time.


USA-11 is a leading International Class racing yachts in America, which is exclusively designed to sail in average winds of San Diego, California. The yachts were launched with the objective to develop team-building San Diego that does not require any sailing experience.  The strategic decisions are to be implemented by the participants during course of the race. These fun group activities San Diego guarantees optimum fun and zest throughout the entire day. The crews of Stars and Stripes USA-11, supply the team apparels to the participants. There are numerous fun group activities San Diego conducted by the company. These precious moments are photographed and shared in the social media websites. The team members may browse through the official website of Stars and Stripes USA-11 and take part in the sail.

The Stars and Stripes USA-11 is beyond doubt one of the most reliable and trustworthy boat tour agency headquartered at San Diego. They provide numerous corporate sailing charters to the guests at unmatchable rates.


Book Our Famous 3 hr. day sail, a truly unique and memorable experience. Photos & Videos Included.



Perfect for Birthday's, Company Events, or Private Sail with Friends. Contact us for requested dates.



Price for a 3 hour sail aboard Stars & Stripes is $1,800 for up to 18 guests. Each additional guest is $100 up to a maximum of 24.



Corporate Team, and Private Events. Series of 3 races up and down San Diego Bay to see which team can claim America's Cup winners.