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The Best Guide to Sail San Diego by America’s Cup Sailing Charters

Going sailing in itself is an exciting, fun activity – but it gets better. Why not sail on a boat/yacht that was once used for racing? Sounds like a good thrill to me!

What exactly is America’s Cup?

America’s Cup is the single oldest international sporting trophy in the entire world – first being contested in 1851 in a race.

It has also been claimed to be the most unfair competition in all sports because the Defender, the winner, was awarded the ability to choose the venue of the next race. This then gives the Defender an obvious, unfair advantage over the other racers/sailors.

Still, though, because of its infamous status, the America’s Cup Sailing charter in San Diego – Stars & Stripes – it has almost one-hundred-percent positive reviews, this for those interested in sailing San Diego coasts.

Do I really have to race someone?

No, there is not necessarily any racing in America’s Cup sailing. But, please note that you will be going rather quickly as the boat, yacht specifically, you board was once used for racing.

For example, if that is something you take interest to and you want to try it out – and you are specifically looking to sail San Diego waters – check out the website, https://sailusa11.com, and the yacht for you is called Stars & Stripes USA-11.

But, if you decide you do want to race, you can sign up for Team Building races. In these races you will have employee members with you that will steer the boats/yachts so you can just sit back and enjoy the thrill!

Or, if you like more hands on things… You can steer, too! It is an interactive tour. 

Another plus with this one is that you will be given jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts, and caps; just like the actual America’s Cup sailing crew(s)!

Again, you do not have to if that is not something you would be interested in.

Do I have to sail with strangers?

You can choose to either sail publicly or privately. If you are looking to meet some like-minded people with at least one interest in common with you – sailing – then you may want to decide on a public charter.

However, if you just want this to be a family experience, or something else of the sort, then there is an option for you, too – private charters!

Who all can come aboard?

Almost anyone can come aboard!

You can go alone, you can go with your partner, with friends, with your family, etcetera. If you have a child, ages five to eighteen, that wants to go sailing then they are welcome but an adult must accompany them.

And, something crazy is that, on private charters, up to twenty-four people can board at a time! That is a lot of people!

Sadly, though, this is not handicap-friendly as it is not wheelchair accessible.

How much does it cost?

Well, for public charters, adults and children pay differently. Adults have to pay $125 and children, $75. Remember, this is PER PERSON. Another note, this is specifically for those that are looking to sail San Diego waters/San Diego bay. The prices – listed on the site, https://sailusa11.com – for all public charters. And, will be provided complimentary water and light snacks.

For private charters, it works differently. They cost a minimum of $1,500. But, this is as a whole, not per person, thankfully. Private charters provide soft drinks, water, light snacks, and complimentary photos and videos. These photos will be posted on Google Web Albums where you can access them for free!

When is the best time to go?

Anytime – America’s Cup Sailing San Diego offers both summer and winter sails!

Just remember that if you go in the summer you may want to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a windbreaker (or light sweater and/or jacket), and sneakers.

If you go on a winter sail then you will still want sunglasses, sunscreen, and sneakers. You will probably also want and/or need a warm jacket (dress in layers), long pants, and warm socks!

Do keep in mind that you will be out on the boat/yacht for three whole hours – whether you are sailing publicly or privately!

What do the reviews say?

On Trip Advisor I could find nothing but positive reviews. But I’ll list a few anyways; “Exhilarating, Fast, Beautiful, with a dose of San Diego Bay’s history sums it all up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECK THIS OUT – SAILOR OR NON-SAILOR!” This person seems quite ecstatic about it.

What happens if I get seasick?

Do not worry! You will be sailing on smooth waters; therefore the boat/yacht will not be rocking you back and forth, making you nauseated.

But, if you are still too nervous about the possibility, then it would be smart to take something an hour or so before you set sail. It is recommended that those wishing to go out and sail San Diego bay to visit this site, https://sailusa11.com, and they do indeed guarantee no seasickness.

If somehow you do end up feeling a little bit seasick then ask for a turn at the helm. (They encourage everyone to take a turn at the helm anyways!)

You know how sometimes people become car sick if they are just sitting there but they are fine when they are the one driving? It might be like that. Give it a try!

I am interested, who do I contact?

If you want to call beforehand then America’s Cup Sailing San Diego’s customer support number is (619) 255-4705.

If you are feeling spontaneous and just want to see it straight away – the address is 1551 Shelter Island Drive San Diego, CA 92106. 

They are open every single day from nine in the morning to six at night.

And, just for some more information, their website is https://sailusa11.com.


We hope you choose to Sail San Diego with America’s Cup Sailing Tours; check our availabilty by clicking here.