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About America’s Cup Sailing Charters

Whether you’re a sailing fanatic or just enjoy the view of floating sails on the water, I think we can all agree that sailing on an International America’s Cup Class yacht would be an amazing, unforgettable experience. Luckily, you can! Docked up at the Kona Kai Resort and Marina in San Diego California, the Stars & Stripes USA-11 is one of the fastest racing sailboats in the world, and you can charter it for a day on San Diego Bay! Great fun for all ages, a three hour harbor cruise in the San Diego Bay on the Stars & Stripes is sure to make the top of your list of fun group activities.


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What kinds of tours can I take on the Stars & Stripes?

This fabulous boat is able to be rented for private parties and team building exercises in addition to the public tours offered. The tours open to the public operate every weekend and most weekdays, but be sure to check availability 

Public Tours

This three hour cruise is a fun packed interactive tour. Guests are invited and encouraged to pitch in with the six man crew and help hoist the sails, trim the sails by grinding the winch, and other deckhand duties. If you would rather take the opportunity to relax on an America’s Cup Class yacht, then please feel free to kick up your feet and enjoy the views of the bay. 

The cost for this San Diego boat tour is $75 for kids aged 5 to 18 and $125 for adults. This price includes the three hour boat ride, water, soft drinks, light refreshments, as well as photos taken by the crew on deck. Children must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. Unfortunately due to the nature of the activity, this tour is not wheelchair accessible. Parking on site is completely free and there are plenty of spaces available. 

Private Charter

The Stars & Stripes is also available to be chartered for private parties! In addition to helping the crew work the sails, each and every guest of your party will also be given the opportunity to get behind the helm and steer the boat! A private charter is great for corporate outings or other special events. A three hour private charter starts at $1,500 and includes light snacks, water, and photos. 

Team Building

If you find yourself at a loss for company outing ideas, then look no further than the Team Building races hosted aboard the Stars & Stripes USA-11 and the IL Moro di Venezia ITA-16. Upon arrival, employees will be divided into teams and given team apparel including jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts, and caps; you’ll all be outfitted like a regular America’s Cup sailing crew! 

Under the supervision of each boat’s official six man crew, each team will be guided to make good tactical racing decisions and work the sails of the ship. The challenge includes a series of three races up and down the San Diego Bay to determine which team has what it takes to be an America’s Cup sailing crew. 

Because sailing is such a team oriented sport, this is the perfect exercise to help your coworkers and employees bond. Sailing will help them develop communication skills as each member of the team will have to listen to and cooperate with other members to win the raise. This exercise is also great for learning how to solve problems together, both quickly and efficiently, without causing drama. As an employer or director, you will also be able to see members of your staff display leadership qualities and capabilities that they may not have the opportunity to in the workplace environment. 

Plus, a day out is a great way for coworkers to get to know one another in a more relaxed atmosphere. Everyone will be learning valuable, transferable skills, while having fun and boosting morale. 

You can charter both of the boats for your corporate team building event for $3,600. Included in the price is water and soft drinks, and photos taken by the crew. After the race, the two crews are invited back to the office for a celebration and to watch a slideshow of all the pictures and videos taken by the crew during the race. There are no hidden extra taxes or fees, and gratuity for the crew is left up to your discretion. All that is required to book your team building exercise is a 50% deposit that is fully refundable up to two weeks before you set sail. You are also free to choose the time frame for you sale, but it is highly recommended that you do so in the early afternoon for optimal sailing conditions and to make the most of your experience. 


About the Boats


The Stars & Stripes USA-11 is an America’s Cup Class racing yacht. The boat raced in the 1992 America’s Cup held in San Diego, California. It was piloted by Team Dennis Conner, an America’s Cup champion. The USA-11 is only one of several sailboats part of Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup syndicate. While most of the other Stars & Stripes vessels are 12 meters long, USA-11 is bigger, heavier, and faster. 

The splendor of this beautiful, fully refurbished sailing vessel boasts an impressive 4,000 square footage of carbon fiber sails. These sails allow the boat to cut through the waters at staggering speeds with the lightest of touches required for steering and handling. 

When racing the Stars & Stripes was operated by a sixteen man crew, but now for the tour charters only six crew members work the sails. That’s why the tours are interactive, so guests can learn the ropes and give the crew a hand! 

Available for charter through the Team Building package, the IL Moro di Venezia ITA-16 is another America’s Cup veteran, racing for Italy before being sold to PACT95. It then sailed as the Spirit of Unum USA-16, competing with the Stars & Stripes in the 1992 America’s Cup, and placed fourth in the IACC World Championship in 1994. 

Again the boat was sold, this time to England where it was once again rechristened as the High Voltage. Now the IL Moro di Venezia has come into the hands of Carbon Performance Sailing, who also own the Stars & Stripes. The IL Moro has been restored to its former Italian glory and can now be chartered in the San Diego Bay.

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Why people love Sailing on the Stars & Stripes

No one can deny that there are about a million things to do in San Diego, California, so why give up three whole hours of precious time to sit on the bay? Well the answer is quite simple really; everyone loves this amazing adventure of a lifetime. Boat rides in San Diego might not be on your bucket list, but with the opportunity to take a tour on an America’s Cup racing yacht is certainly not something to sneeze at. 

This tour on a world class America’s Cup sailing yacht has everything. You can learn how to sail with a world class crew (six people are doing the work of sixteen, so they must be the best!), or you can kick back and relax for an afternoon on a yacht; either option is the stuff of dreams! Refreshments are included in the price of booking, and if you’re anything like me then you know it’s all about the snacks. Plus there are no hidden fees in the booking process, which is an annoyance that anyone who books anything online will agree to be really frustrating. Not to mention you’ll receive free pictures and videos taken by the crew on your voyage! It’s a great deal and it’s great fun. 

A Stars & Stripes cruise in San Diego is perfect for family fun, group outings, and sailing interest and experience of all levels. And there’s no need to worry about sea sickness; this world class yacht sails through the smooth waters of the San Diego Bay, so you stomach can stay settled and you can enjoy being on the water.  

Whether looking for a family friendly adventure, a way to bond your corporate team, or if you’re just excited about sailing, then look no further than the Stars & Stripes USA-11!

Images of IL Moro 

USA-11 & IL Moro

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Price for a 3 hour sail aboard Stars & Stripes is $1,800 for up to 18 guests. Each additional guest is $100 up to a maximum of 24.



Corporate Team, and Private Events. Series of 3 races up and down San Diego Bay to see which team can claim America's Cup winners.