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Discover Some Fun Things to Do in San Diego for Adults

Sometimes it really is just frustrating trying to search through a multitude of websites in desperate hope of finding something worth doing… Well, I’ve condensed your searching into one article! Whether you live in the area and are wanting to do something different or you are on vacation and wanting to make every moment worthwhile… This should help!

Get out on the water

The Gondola Company

The Gondola Company is basically your Passport to Italy as it allows you to experience the magical tradition of Venice… in the United States. You will have the chance to softly cruise in a private gondola – a flat-bottomed boat with high points at each end, rowed by one oar – through the beautiful canals of the Coronado Cays. 

There are different options for these gentle cruises such as, Pasaporto Cruise – relaxing and romantic, Sunset Cruise – a twilight gondola cruise, Carolina Cruise – for families, Fleet Cruise – to celebrate special occasions with family, friends, or coworkers… You may have up to six gondolas travelling side-by-side, seating up to forty-three people at once. Whichever you choose, you can upgrade your cruise with a professional mandolin or violin player.

La Jolla Kayak

With this kayak tour you will get to kayak through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. This reserve is home to leopard sharks, Garibaldi (California’s state marine fish), kelp beds, sea lions, and sometimes even pods of dolphins.

Depending on weather you may even have the chance to enter into the sea caves! Prepare to get wet!

San Diego Whale Watching Cruise

One specifically thrilling, yet relaxing, thing you are able to do in San Diego is whale watching!

You will sail San Diego waters aboard a replica of an infamous sailing schooner – the world’s first America’s Cup trophy winner. Throughout the experience your guide will share interesting and informative commentary about any marine life in the area, as well as about some US Navy sites you will pass.

Along this cruise you have the chance to spot migrating whales and/or dolphins! Exciting!

Go sightseeing

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is a city park that sits on a unique coastal landscape. It has a three-mile family-friendly (aka, rather easy) hike along the shoreline.

There are several amazing points to access on the trail which include Ladera St. and Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in the Hillside section. From these access points, you can find stairs that lead to tidepools as well as to the path that meanders along the coast. Along this said trail you will have the ability to see the Sandstone Arch and Cormorant Rock.

The Meditation Gardens

More specifically called, Encinitas – The Place: Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens.

At these gardens you are said to lose yourself in thought as they are peaceful and “cleansing.” Here you will find yourself walking on stone and dirt paths, surrounded by well-manicured gardens filled with tropical plants, trees, beautiful vibrant flowers, and potted plants. There are also small, soothing creeks and miniature waterfalls that lead into little ponds – which are filled with colorful koi fish.

Now, if you are not wanting to walk the whole time, do not worry. There are benches located along the paths and some more hidden in remote corners so you can sit down, and soak it all in. Maybe even meditate.

Stonewall Peak Trail

This trail, located in the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park of San Diego, is actually one of the most popular in San Diego. Upon hiking this trail, you will have the opportunity to see breath-taking three-sixty views from Cuyamaca Rancho State Park to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

The trail is not too difficult, and it has a few places to stop if you want a break. Maybe have a picnic in Paso Picacho Campground – located along the trail.

Something especially cool about this trail is that you will be upon rounded hills of granitic and metamorphic rock… This rock is the ancient roots of a once actively volcanic, Peninsular Range. Do not worry, it is totally safe now.

Visit all sorts of parks

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is considered central to the story of San Diego as it started up one-hundred and fifty years ago when leaders took the step of setting aside the mesa overlooking downtown to establish a city park. It is ethnically diverse, historically rich, culturally abundant, and naturally breathtaking.

This park includes seventeen museums and seemingly infinite gardens. There are different tours, restaurants, shopping places, and theaters. It is seen as one of North America’s most “iconic” urban parks – it definitely seems to be a must-see.

Belmont Park

Belmont Park is actually an amusement park but that can still be fun for adults… Right?

There is access to laser tag, sky ropes, sky climb/rockwall, mini-golf, and a seven-dimensional theater. Who knew there even was such a thing?! Not only will you be able to participate in said activities but there are also many rides, as it is an amusement park. Some include The Giant Dipper, Beach Blaster, Control Freak, and so on.


Petco Park

Petco Park is a Major-League baseball park located in the downtown area of San Diego. It is also sometimes used as a venue for concerts, soccer, golf, and rugby sevens

This Major League ballpark differentiates itself from others built in the same era with its absence of retro-style red brick and green seats. The stadium is garbed in Indian sandstone and stucco. Any exposed steel is painted white and the (about) forty-thousand fixed seats are dark blue. It’s a truly unique design, making for an even more special experience.


Laze on the beach

Black’s Beach

Black’s Beach is definitely one for adults only… You will see why in a moment.

This beach is perfect for surfers as the coastline has big winter swells. But, for non-surfers, the beach is known as San Diego’s nude beach. Nudism is indeed unlawful in San Diego, but it has persisted at this beach for decades.

If you are looking to surf, the surfers tend to head south, of the Glider Port Trail, to the main peaks. If you are looking to laze (18+ style), the nudists hang out more north. If you are not interested in either, keep reading as La Jolla Shores may be for you.

La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores is one of the most popular beaches in all of California – it is actually on a peninsula, surrounded by three sides by the sea.

During the summer and fall months, the waves are gentle, and the waters stay warm. This is perfect if you are just looking to float in the sea, maybe even lay in a raft. Or, if you are wanting to simply stick your toes in the water… ass in the sand.

Ocean Beach

Not only can you surf or sunbathe here, you can also walk amongst a wooden pier that extends an entire half a mile out to sea – you are permitted to fish here, too.

Also, there is a sub-beach to Ocean Beach called Dog Beach. On this beach pets are not only allowed, but heavily encouraged to come at any time!

See some animals

San Diego Zoo

Some exhibits include; Monkey Trails and Forest Tales, Owens Aviary, Scripps Aviary, Panda Canyon, Urban Jungle, Polar Bear Plunge, Discovery Outpost, Ituri Forest, Elephant Odyssey, Gorilla Tropics, and so on.

San Diego Safari Park

Some exhibits and attractions include; Asian Savanna and African Plains, Tiger Trail, Nairobi Village and Gorilla Forest, Hidden Jungle, Lion Camp, Condor Ridge, African Woods and African Outpost, and more.


SeaWorld San Diego

Some exhibits include; Aquariums, Explorer’s Reef, Dolphins, Killer Whales, Wild Arctic, and Seals and Seal Lions. There are also rides such as Bayside Skyride, Ocean Explorer, Riptide Rescue, Electric Eel, Journey to Atlantis, and the list goes on!

All in all, there really are so many different, fun things to do in San Diego. From sailing San Diego waters to hiking up an inactive volcano, you have hopefully found what suits you!

Have a blast with whichever one (or more) of these exciting adventures you choose!

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