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Stars and Stripes Sailing Charter Information

Charter Rates & Options
An interactive and exciting sailing adventure aboard one of the fastest and most famous sailboats in the world.  Grind the winches to help raise and trim the sails, take your turn at the helm, or just hang on as we sail San Diego Bay at twice the speed of the average sailboat.

Public Charters:

  • 3 hour sails departing at 1 pm every weekend and many weekdays.
  • Adults $125,  20% discount for active duty military.
  • Children (5 to 18) $75 when accompanied by adult.

Private Charters:

  • Choose your day and time for a private sail for up to 24 guests.
  • Call (619)255-4705 or submit a request through our “Contact” page for pricing.
What to Bring

It’s always a little cooler on the water in San Diego Bay, so dress in layers and there is plenty of dry storage for bags or back packs. If needed we have caps and jackets for sale in our office. We prefer soft non-black soled shoes, but have shoe covers if necessary. We provide complimentary water, soft drinks, and light snacks (peanuts and/or pretzels). You’re welcome to bring your own camera, but we take photos and videos of your San Diego Bay sailing tour for viewing after the tour in our office while enjoying complimentary refreshments in our gift shop. The pictures will then be posted on Picasa Web Albums with the link emailed to you for later viewing.

Sailing San Diego in Winter , Spring and Fall:

  • Sunscreen
  • A warm jacket or preferably sweater and windbreaker
  • A pair of long pants if you are wearing shorts
  • Rubber-soled deck shoes or sneakers and warm socks.
  • Sunglasses with croakies

Sailing San Diego In July and August:

  • Sunglasses with croakies
  • Sunscreen
  • Rubber-soled deck shoes or sneakers.
  • A light sweater or windbreaker
What to Expect
No longer do you have to be a billionaire or an elite, professional sailor to experience the thrill of sailing San Diego Bay on an authentic America’s Cup Class racing yacht! Take the helm of Stars & Stripes USA-11, and live the dream for yourself. Feel the power of 3,500 square feet of modern Carbon Fiber 3DL sails on one of the fastest mono-hull sailboats in the world. You’ll be amazed at how responsive this all carbon-fiber racing machine can be. And, with more than 80% of her weight at the bottom of the keel, she slices through the water like a knife. No sailing experience is necessary to be a part of this unique and exciting sailing adventure.

Once we leave the dock, we go into high gear because there is a lot to do! Stars & Stripes USA-11 raced to be the defender in the 1992 America’s Cup with a crew of 16. We will only have 7 or crew members, so your help is greatly appreciated. It takes 6 able bodies grinding the winches to raise the mainsail plus a few more to trim the sails each time we tack or gybe. Everyone also gets a turn at the helm to steer the boat. However, if you are inclined to just sit back and enjoy the ride, that’s fine too.

About Seasickness while on your sailing tour

Do not be concerned about seasickness as we primarily sail in thesmooth waters of San Diego Bay. We have done several hundred sailing charters and sailing tours with thousands of passengers and have never had anyone get seasick. But if you would like to take something before the trip for peace of mind, do so a couple hours before the sail.

The Cup
The America’s Cup is the most famous and prestigious sailing regatta in the world. It is also the oldest active trophy in international sport, predating the Modern Olympics by 45 years, and is considered the “Holy Grail” of yachting.

The cup was originally known as the Royal Yacht Squadron cup and it, along with a sum of 100 Sovereigns was the prize for the 1851 Annual Regatta around the Isle of Wight. Though she started last, the schooner America won the race against 15 British yachts by 20 minutes. When America emerged alone from a fog near the finish, Queen Victoria asked who was second; the famous answer: “There is no second, your Majesty.”

In 1857 the American syndicate donated the cup to the New York Yacht Club to be held in trust as a challenge trophy to “promote friendly competition among nations.” Despite a succession of British (and other) attempts to win back the cup, the New York Yacht Club prevailed in 25 challenges over 113 years, the longest winning streak in the history of sport. Finally, in 1983, Australian businessman Alan Bond beat Dennis Conner and the cup left the United States for the first time in 132 years. But Dennis Conner refused to quit and in 1987 he challenged Australia for the San Diego Yacht club and became the first and only skipper to win, lose and win back the America’s Cup.

USA 11
In 1992 the International America’s Cup Class (IACC) of yachts was introduced, replacing the 12-meter class that had been used since 1958. Designed by David Pedrick and Bruce Nelson and built by Eric Goetz in Rhode Island, Stars & Stripes, USA-11 was Dennis Conner’s first IACC boat. Conner was outspent nearly 10 to 1 by billionaire businessman Bill Koch and lost in the finals of the Defense Series (the Citizens Cup) to America3. Bill Koch then went on to compete against the Italians with their boat Il Moro and won.

USA-11 was used by Dennis Conner in his 1995 campaign as a trial horse and then sold to the US Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge to be used in the 2000 America’s Cup races. After surviving several hurricanes, including one that sunk her, USA-11 was purchased in 2002, shipped to Miami to be completely refurbished and then sent across the country to be part of the San Francisco Challenge Series fleet. In 2006, Steve Pattison and Mark Niblack bought her and brought her home to San Diego.

Team Building
Teambuilding may be boring at work, but on Stars & Stripes, it is FUN! America’s Cup Class race boats, because of their size, power and complexity, demand a level of teamwork rarely seen anywhere else. Every maneuver from raising a sail to tacking or jibing, requires communication, cooperation and teamwork from every member of the crew. There is no better training platform on which to learn the skills necessary to work together towards a common goal.

If teambuilding is your priority, we can create a custom program for your group. This can include:

  • America’s Cup history overview
  • Dockside instruction on individual crew functions
  • Hands on instruction and rotation through all crew positions while underway
  • Custom team apparel – Jackets, Polo shirts, T-shirts and Caps
  • Complimentary photos and videos

Celebrate your event afterwards with refreshments and viewing of the photography.