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Interested In A Corporate Sailing Trip? Don’t Fall For These 2 Major Myths!

Corporate team building is an essential component of improving communications and overall business operations. One of the best ways to improve your employees’ ability to work as a team is by getting out of the office for some real-life problem solving and adventures. Considering the fact that San Diego boasts more than 70 miles of…

How Can A Sailing Trip Foster Corporate Team Building?

When it comes to corporate events, team building is an important aspect to keep in mind. Even though it’s undoubtedly important to boost morale and show appreciation toward your fellow employees, learning to come together as a team is equally as imperative to running a successful business as a whole. If you’re having trouble finding…

Exploring Just A Few Unique Benefits Of Sailing

Many people view boating as a leisurely and relaxing activity meant to put the mind at ease. While traditional boat trips certainly provide these values, many boat trips, especially sailing trips, offer benefits that many people would never expect. Here are some of the most surprising benefits of sailing. Cardiovascular Development The major element sailing…