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How Can A Sailing Trip Foster Corporate Team Building?

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When it comes to corporate events, team building is an important aspect to keep in mind. Even though it’s undoubtedly important to boost morale and show appreciation toward your fellow employees, learning to come together as a team is equally as imperative to running a successful business as a whole. If you’re having trouble finding a corporate event option that will do more than provide a temporary boost to morale, you’ll have to think outside the box. Here are just a few ways a sailing trip can foster corporate team building.

Mirrors Work Environment

Believe it or not, a sailboat can actually reflect a corporate environment in many ways. There are consistent changes being implemented, and employees and passengers must work together to adapt and deal with any unpleasant situations, pushing them out of their comfort zones and learning to work more efficiently as a team.

Involves Healthy Competition

It’s no secret that a little bit of well-organized and fair competition is healthy and should be encouraged in the workplace. Taking a corporate sailing trip gives your employees the much-needed opportunity to break off into smaller teams and compete against one another in a healthy and constructive environment. By learning new skills together, the smaller groups will maintain a higher level of awareness and critical thinking once they return to the office.

Requires Employees To Work Together To Achieve Common Goals

Finally, many of the professionals leading sailing tours are well-versed in working with corporate teams. Through a series of exercises and carefully considered scenarios, employees will have to use all the skills and knowledge in their power to achieve common goals.

In 2016, approximately 4.1 million people participated in sailing in the United States, and team building exercises can help an employee feel a connection to their employer and realize that they are helping the company succeed. A Gallup study revealed that engaged employees could boost a company’s productivity performance by as much as 200% over a similar corporation with disengaged employees. That’s why it’s important to keep these benefits in mind when coordinating your company’s next corporate event. For more information, contact USA 11 Stars and Stripes, where you and your employees can take one of the best boat trips San Diego has to offer.

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