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These 4 Team Building Exercises Are Excellent For Forming Coworker Connections

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sailingRunning a business means having employees, and the success of any company is tied to the productivity and satisfaction of those who work there. In order to properly connect with them and ensure positive morale, you might consider some team building exercises. This can help individual employees feel like they are part of something bigger, essentially creating a more group-oriented environment. In fact, a Gallup study showed employees who were engaged with their company could boost performance productivity by up to 200% when compared with other companies whose workers were disengaged.

What are team building exercises?
When you work together with a group of people, either at home or at work, you are basically building a team. These bonds can’t be forced, but you can encourage them to form organically. Here are some great examples of fun team building exercises that are perfect for the upcoming office holiday party season:

  • Charades
    It might seem funny, but charades is actually a great way to loosen up with coworkers. Break everyone into teams of two and forge friendships along the way.
  • Scavenger Hunts
    Depending on the size of your staff, randomly split people into two or three teams and have a zany list of items they need to find within a mile radius. To up the ante, nobody is allowed to use money to get the items. This will inspire creativity and quick thinking.
  • Egg Drop
    A good old science class staple that mixes technical minds with outside the box thinking. Get a carton of eggs, split your staff into two teams, and only let them build with whatever office items they can find. Put a clock on it to learn how everyone works under pressure.
  • Company Sports
    If there’s a sports league in your industry that other companies compete in, get your employees together and take on the competition! If there isn’t a softball or kickball league, make your own. Sports are one of the best ways to forge comradery and communication.

If you want to step up your team building activities in San Diego, then take your team building to the sea! It’s worth the elevated productivity and team spirit you will see as a result. Sailing with your employees will be relaxing, but you will also learn a lot about each other. For your next sailing trip with your company, check out the best boat trips San Diego has to offer.

This article was written by Lynn